5 Social Media Design Tips to Boost Your Visual Strategy


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5 Social Media Design Tips to Boost Your Visual Strategy

Social Media Design Tips to Boost Your Visual Strategy

Unlike in traditional advertising, social media marketing has at its core brand storytelling and content marketing. In practical terms this means that instead of focusing on self-serving messages, the brand should do its best to provide the most relevant and interesting information to its target audience. The amount of content currently available on social media, including the visual one, of course, has been sky-rocketing non-stop over the last few years. Yet, the key question here is: how to deliver high-quality in the ear of quantity? Sometimes spontaneous and unplanned content can become viral in no time to the utmost surprise of its creator. Indeed, such factors as intuition-driven decisions made on the spur of the moment can prove extremely effective and efficient.

However, in terms of sustainability and steady progress, having a detailed and thoroughly-devised marketing strategy is a must. And the fact that the prevailing majority of people are visual learners makes a visual strategy a most valuable component of the overall social media strategic plan. In general, these platforms offer unlimited opportunities for graphic design content for you to choose from depending on your objectives and needs. We’ve singled out 5 predominant tips that will definitely help you fuel up your visual strategy.

1. Stickers


Stickers are a great way to get any massage through to your target audience in a fast and positive manner. One of the best features they offer is that there are so many of them then you can easily avoid repetitiveness, meaning your followers will never get bored with your content. Moreover, you can customize the same stickers and use them in various settings depending on your strategy. Even if you have done it before, with sticker maker for free you will be able to try and combine various options to find those meeting your objectives best. Try and see for yourself how naturally they add a positive note to your visual content. Besides, stickers are a versatile tool that can be used in combination with any means of content.


A nice quote can easily convey a complicated notion that otherwise would require a long and detailed description. And this is the reason we love and use them, sometimes even memorize by heart or hang on the wall as a motivation poster. If you manage to choose a well-recognizable relevant quote that fits your current marketing concept, then you can be sure you’ve nailed down a really high engagement rate. When choosing an appropriate quote, try to stick to those belonging to a famous personality – then it will capture the user’s attention without any doubt.

3. Infographics


Infographics had not been a very popular social media design over the past years, because it had been claimed to be too complicated and sophisticated for social media platforms. Yet, the situation changed dramatically and infographics made a glorious comeback to the most recent design trends. Users appear to show growing interest in comparative statistics and concrete figures, that’s why it’s a good technique to use while explaining your brand’s advantages and engaging with your audience. Importantly, consider the color scheme you use wisely and avoid too bright and contrasting colors. Finally, keep in mind you are creating infographics for social media, not the World Bank.

4. Inclusion

Inclusion has rightfully become one of the most popular and in-demand cross-cutting issues of every aspect of modern life, which makes social design a vital component of any visual design. When it comes to social media, one can hardly overestimate the impact of inclusive design on the user. Thus, make sure that you consider all skin colors, body shapes and genders when elaborating your next graphic design. This will send an unequivocal message to absolutely every user that your brand values everyone without any exceptions. Rest assured this initiative will be very much appreciated by your current followers and potential ones.

5. Contrast


Contrast is today’s new design trend. And by saying it we imply contrast in the broadest scope you can think of. For example, you can play with the size of objects you use in your graphic design by making some smaller and others – bigger. Another variant for you to consider – apply contrast principle to shapes by mixing symmetrical and asymmetrical ones in the same photo or image etc. last but not least, don’t miss an opportunity to play with contrasting colors.

Wrapping Up

We’ve mentioned the most actual design tendencies that have already proved their efficiency. Of course, there are many more of them that you can make use of. On the other hand, in terms of graphic design things shift quickly, so you should always keep a watchful eye on the changes. And finally, no matter what graphics designs you use for your social media pages, don’t forget to measure the success of your visual content and make adjustments, if necessary.

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