5 Solutions That Boost Security In The Custom Software Development Life Cycle


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5 Solutions That Boost Security In The Custom Software Development Life Cycle

Security In The Custom Software Development

There are so many great solutions that boost security within the custom software development life cycle (SDLC). Establishing, managing, and monitoring a secure SDLC requires several protective tools, resources, and technologies to promote protection within each stage. These powerful solutions help development companies eliminate software vulnerabilities and minimize the impact of serious cyber threats. As a software engineer yourself, you’ll want to know how to protect your SDLC from cybercriminals or other malicious parties. Of course, many of these tips are different than simple WordPress security tricks. Read on to learn about the most reliable solutions that boost security within the software development life cycle.

DevSecOps Solutions

First, many teams have started using DevSecOps solutions to promote security throughout the software development life cycle. DevSecOps resources aim to integrate security into every phase of the SDLC. These solutions integrate centralized, organized security dashboards into your development operations. Here, you can view potential security vulnerabilities, proactive protection measures, and upcoming responsibilities. This enables programming teams to accurately track potential issues and their causes. Of course, this is known to reduce the chance of security breaches, data leaks, or system takeovers. Plus, DevSecOps technologies promote stronger insights, productivity, and efficient build operations. Certainly, boost SDLC security, performance, and efficiency with DevSecOps solutions.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Tools

In addition, introduce software composition analysis (SCA) tools to further strengthen security throughout your pipeline. SCA tools like JFrog’s Xray support intelligent compliance and supply chain security at DevOps speed. They scan your entire DevOps pipeline, including everything from development to testing to production. This integrates security directly into your DevOps workflows. This way, you can deliver trusted software releases faster than ever before. Utilize this solution to locate possible vulnerable instances, images, layers and code insertions throughout your system. This enables you to fortify your entire software development and delivery supply chain. Surely, incorporate SCA tools to promote speed, efficiency, and security throughout your fast-paced software development lifecycle.

Code Implementation & Review

Next, use code implementation and review resources to take software development security to a new level. Issues related to release, implementation, and deployment commonly lead to security breaches. As a result, your team should use secure solutions to achieve projected results with speed, compliance, and security. With these powerful resources in place, you’ll be able to locate vulnerabilities, critical defects, bugs, errors, and flaws that may have previously been overlooked. Then, your team can implement manual reviews in these areas of discovered high risk. Or, they can use automated code review functionality, which is known to be much faster with better coverage. Certainly, use implementation and code reviews techniques to boost security within your SDLC.

Automated Security Testing

Of course, test automation software is another great solution known to strengthen SDLC security and protection. Automated, AI-enabled testing procedures should be implemented early-on and often in the development life cycle. These testing tools can run static code analysis and functional inspections to discover any weakness in your source code. They’ll also support dynamic application security testing (DAST) to find vulnerabilities while your application is running. This ensures that preferred security policies are met before moving into the next stage. Naturally, this promotes organization, efficiency, and error reduction. Plus, these powerful solutions inspire stakeholder confidence and prevent catastrophic company-wide emergencies. Surely, protect your SDLC with automated security testing tools, resources, and technologies.

Alerting Tools

Furthermore, nearly every security-driven SDLC uses alerting tools. These solutions analyze and prioritize abnormal errors, events, or functionalities. Then, they’ll categorize, prioritize, and notify key members with these alerts. If deemed worthy of attention, your team can then promptly address the errors. To prevent catastrophic emergencies, they should act quickly, investigate alerts, and apply the appropriate fixes. Plus, you can customize these resources to ignore low-priority or previously addressed errors. This way, teams can focus on workflows and crucial aspects of the development processes. Certainly, alerting tools are a pivotal resource to boost security within your software development life cycle.

There are several solutions to implement security within your software development life cycle. First, introduce DevSecOps solutions to protect your SDLC with automated compliance and security measures. Next, use SCA tools to benefit from pipeline-wide vulnerability scans. You’ll also want to use code review and implementation and code to find errors and areas of weakness. Of course, integrate automated security testing to examine your software product for vulnerabilities, even in real time. Furthermore, implement alerting tools for notifications whenever an issue is deemed necessary for attention. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top solutions that boost security within the software development life cycle.

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