Easy Ways to Check Website Accessibility


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Easy Ways to Check Website Accessibility

Check Website Accessibility

It might be challenging to understand where to begin when it comes to guaranteeing your webpage is available for commercial, ethical, and pragmatic purposes, mainly if functional specifications and testing aren’t your strong suits.

While trying to make your website adhere to provisions such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) generally necessitates the assistance of accessibility specialists, there are tests and inspections you could perform on your own to rapidly determine how well your website meets a few of the most fundamental accessibility requirements. Here are a few fast methods to see if a website is accessible.

Why Is Web Accessibility So Important?

Why Is Web Accessibility So Important?

Web accessibility is critical for a range of factors, several of which impact society’s social, financial, and regulatory fiber.

Significance in Society

For those with impairments, web accessibility is a social concern. The capacity to freely surf the internet, its information, and applications help everyone to engage in our community, preventing additional marginalization.

Prospects for Business

Web accessibility allows businesses to engage a much bigger readership, resulting in more consumers and income. Moreover, neglecting the impaired sector implies rejecting multitudes of prospective consumers with buying capacity in the billions of dollars.

As per a survey, due to a shortage of web accessibility, online businesses in the UK lost up to £11.75 billion.

Requirements of Law

Web accessibility is regulated by legislation in several areas. Web accessibility is a privilege in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Thus businesses must guarantee that their web pages and online content are available. Brands could go into trouble if they don’t follow web accessibility guidelines.

When Should You Test?

Not only in the conclusion but at every stage of a web task’s development: information structure, design, programming, and material. Only testing at the end could result in lots of cleanups, such as modifying code or, worse, beginning from scratch. As a result, testing and making improvements along the route would certainly conserve your time & expense.

Statistics on Web Accessibility

  • A website that is hard to utilize would be abandoned by 71% of impaired clients with accessible requirements.
  • If websites were more available, 82 percent of consumers with disabilities would spend more excellent money online.
  • Customers are more likely to favor a company that is both practically and technologically accessible, according to 92 percent of respondents.
  • Since 2011, the usage of mobile screen readers has surged by 70%.
  • Fifty-four percent of adults with disabilities use the internet.

Easy Ways to Check Website Accessibility

Easy Ways to Check Website Accessibility

The purpose of online accessibility is to eliminate all obstacles that prevent people from accessing, navigating or understanding material on the web. Here are ten suggestions for creating or maintaining an accessible website:

Make Usage of a Content Management System (CMS) That is Accessible.

Use a content management system (CMS) that supports online accessibility when creating a website. Check that page layout, themes, widgets, plugins, and other elements comply with online accessibility standards like WCAG 2.0.

For Photos and Other Non-text Elements, Look at the Alt Text.

A text option must be offered for every photo and other non-text item. Individuals use various methods to browse the internet, including using a screen reader or a consumable Braille display. Correct alt text is required for assisting technology like these to read and convey things like visuals correctly. It is because those tools cannot read non-text content or determine its meaning.

You could utilize a screen reader or other assistive technology to verify for alt text on a computer and smartphone. If you’re tech-savvy and motivated, you could look through the code to discover if any picture alt attributes include explanations.

Check to See if Your Website is Keyboard Friendly.

Several individuals are unable or unable to utilize a mouse to access the internet, preferring instead to use a keyboard, keyboard emulator, or another appropriate input method. As a result, each link, function, and functionality used with a mouse must also be available with simply a keyboard.

Furthermore, a solid graphical indicator of the present item in emphasis is required so that website users can determine where they are on a webpage and which link or command they should pick. These apply to every feature, such as the capacity to make drop-down menu choices and fill out and file forms. You could conduct your keyboard testing right now.

The Structure of the Headings

The structure of the heading

The foundation of your material is headings, and the title should describe the information beneath a header.

Assign a level-1 (H1) style to the main page’s title, and ensure it appears only once per page. The headline must clearly state the purpose of the webpage. The additional headers, like the contents page in a book, are utilized to organize the body of the website page. There must be no pauses between the different style levels (H1 > H2 > H3).

HeadingsMap is a browser add-on that displays the firm foundation of a web page at a glance. HeadingsMap for Chrome and HeadingsMap for Firefox is available for download.

The Natural Progression of Events

Does the content’s story make logic when perusing from top to bottom? Impaired users do not have a broad picture of a website page, and they start at the top and work their way down. Search engines do as well.

Look from top to bottom, ensuring sure the arrangement of the headings and the material beneath every title makes perfect sense and that the material is organized logically and clearly.


Components that are set near together are assumed to belong together by default.

Assemble all pieces that belong together into a single group. With the keys Ctrl+ or Cmd+ on your keyboard, you can zoom in up to 400 percent in the browser.

Is it still possible to observe what’s connected to what—for instance, a label and the form’s linked input sector?

Contrast in Color

The final things you would like for your platform’s users to have trouble understanding what it offers. Another technique to guarantee simple comprehension is to ensure enough color contrast between the text and the background.

The WCAG has explicit criteria for testing color contrast, and there are numerous tools available to assist.

You may also utilize the color contrast analyzer in Sketch and the color contrast checkers in Stark in your design. You could always use WebAIM’s contrast checker to perform a manual check. You could, for example, utilize WAVE in your browser.

On Videos, Look for Closed Captions and Transcripts

On videos, look for closed captions and transcripts

Closed captions and transcripts are essential for media and multimedia, such as videos, to be accessible.

Captions are text versions of audio content that are synced with the video. They should have spoken dialogue, pertinent sounds, and other contextual components, such as music, that are necessary for understanding the video’s complete original goal or emotion. Several folks assume of the advantages captions provide for persons who are deaf or have hearing damage, and they are undoubtedly essential for that purpose.

However, they offer advantages for everybody at various times, such as in a calm situation or when reading and watching together aids comprehension. Transcripts are text copies of video content. Therefore, they must contain not only all spoken words and key noises but also a written description of everything significant seen in the video. Transcripts might potentially help you rank higher in search engines.

It’s simple to look for subtitles and translations. Look for a button or alternative to switch on closed captions within the media player (if the captions are open, they will show immediately and cannot be switched off). Check that the button works with both a mouse and a keyboard. Then, see whether there’s a text transcript available for the video. If you can’t discover them or they don’t appear to be adequate, it’s time to consider upgrading the videos.

Link, Button, and form Field Names that are Easy to Understand

Ensure that each focusable component has a name that is easy to remember.

This would then be the link text for a link, the button text for a button, and the label for a form control. A screen reader announces the available name. This instructs sighted users on going to a link and what occurs when they touch a button and fill out forms. Reading Each input, including the ideal link, requires a label to provide further context. How to check for naming that is accessible: If an accessible name is absent, browser extensions such Axe DevTools and WAVE issue warnings. They can’t, however, examine whether a word is grammatically correct.


Adherence to website accessibility guidelines is no longer a choice. Due to a lack of web accessibility, significant small businesses are becoming increasingly embroiled in accessibility cases. To assist you in avoiding lawsuits, we’ve compiled a list of the finest free accessibility tools to ensure that your website is fully accessible and meets industry standards. You can use tools to test your site or individual pages for a variety of fundamental accessibility issues, as well as specific concerns relating to accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0, Section 508, the ADA, and others.

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