How a Romanian Mathematician Won the Lottery 14 Times


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How a Romanian Mathematician Won the Lottery 14 Times


Winning a lottery is considered to be a game of luck and some extraordinary skills. Some people winning the lottery might have cheated or used illegal means while some do not believe in the lottery at all. It is considered that there still are chances of being struck by lightning rather than winning a lottery in your lifetime. The odds of winning a lottery are quite thin for anyone in his lifetime. Nevertheless, there was a man who won the lottery 14 times in his lifetime. The name of the person who won the lottery 14 times is Stefan Mandel.

Let’s have a look at how he won so many lotteries and how everything was legal!

Stefan Mandel

Stefan Mandel is an intelligent financial analyst from Romania who had a strong mind for numbers. In the 1960s, the socialist country was having the worst time and Stefan wanted to flee away from all the mess. He used his love for numbers and decided to win a lottery to move out of the country.

While others were busy gawking at the rise in the prices of lottery and tickets, Mandel had a superior plan in place which neither included bibliomancy or taking help from knocking on the wood. He devised his algorithm and calculations for swimming the lottery.

How did it all begin?

Mandel was determined that if he purchased tickets in the event with specific numbers, he could ensure a runner up win. Therefore, he persuaded two of his companions to serve as investors for him and go along with his plan. Their first attempt was successful and rather than winning second place, they won the lottery of around 72,783 Romanian currency. Mandel made use of this winning prize to leave the country and settle in Australia along with his family.

After settling in Australia, he started planning bigger. He arranged the whole setup with a room consisting of the computers and printers only. He developed a computer program and an algorithm, focused on all the possible combinations, arranged all the numbers bound to succeed but still a major chunk was missing; that was the investment.

He required a huge sum of money to purchase every ticket. He started looking for investors and promised them a certain share. Once agreed, he started receiving the money and he bought the ticket.s surprisingly, he won that lottery and returned the amount he promised the investors. His scheme worked! He was ecstatic! He won many lotteries until Australia altered its lottery laws and made it impossible to win through his schemes.

The Big Jackpot

He won 13 lotteries which do not seem suffice so he planned on targeting the Virginia Lottery in America. It was one of the famous and less mixed lotteries in America. He did his calculations and figured out that he would require $7.1 million to purchase all the tickets while he could then print his tickets at home. He started gathering the investors to give him such a huge amount, meanwhile, he kept waiting for the lottery prize to increase which did happen. The Virginia Lottery reached $2.7 million which was the target he was trying to aim for. He then had 3 days to purchase all the tickets from Australia.

He started printing tickets using 30 computers, 12 printers and around 30 tons of paper. He paid around $60,000 to get those tickets delivered to Virginia and assigned the task of distributing them to his manager known as Anithalee Alex. Things were going smoothly but at the last moment, one of the stores shut down and refused to sell more tickets. Now the real game is in jeopardy and the plan wasn’t set as it was planned yet they still opted for playing based on luck.

He had five people eyeing for the ticket and guess what, he won the lottery! This is what his hard work and planning paid him off with!

His success brought him under the scrutiny of the FBI and the High Commission of Australia. Everything was kept on hold until the investigation was completed. Since all his processes were legal he was paid the whole amount. He further distributed it to his investors and kept around $1.3 million for himself.

Stefan Mandel’s Successful Plan

If you wish to improve your chances of winning the lottery, you could follow the tips from Lottoland or the plan of Stefan Mandel. Lottoland describes the chances of winning against the odds in detail and gives an insight into how nothing is impossible. You can follow what Stefan Mandel did to win a lottery. This includes:

  • Computing the absolute number of combinations from the given numbers.
  • Discover lotteries where the prize is huge for multiple combinations.
  • Gather enough money to purchase every ticket.
  • Get a printout of tickets of every combination.
  • Forward the tickets to licensed vendors of lottery
  • Win! Return cash to investors.
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