How to Determine if an Online Casino is Reliable or Not


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How to Determine if an Online Casino is Reliable or Not

Where there are now so many different online casinos out there on the internet, it is starting to become increasingly difficult to differentiate between reliable and trusted sites with others that may not be so reliable and safe to use. There are plenty of online casinos to choose from in 2021, with a lot of them giving new and even existing members generous bonuses to either start or continue playing through their services.

Such generous bonuses are one sure way to reel potential players in and are definitely a ‘win-win’ for both the player and the casino as they benefit both from the outset. The player will gain an incentive to start or continue playing by being given a generous bonus, most likely through credit that can be spent on the casino’s website, and the online casino itself will further benefit by extending its player base. Once a generous bonus has been given out to a new or returning player, it is then more likely that the player will want to keep playing with their own funds once that bonus has been used up.

However, when choosing to play at an online casino, perhaps because of the added incentive of gaining a generous bonus when you start, there will be some fundamental features that you must bear in mind so you can not only have an enjoyable experience but also a safe experience. This article will look at the various ways on how to determine if an online casino is reliable or not, offering different perspectives so that you can make sure you have found a safe and dependable online casino to start playing at.

Safety and Security Measures

One sure-fire way to ensure that an online casino is reliable is to check through the various safety measures put in place. You can usually check this through the online casino itself or through a third-party website that is dedicated to showing customers which online casinos are good and those that should be avoided at all costs. Checking the safety and security measures of an online casino can range from how secure their deposit and withdrawal methods are, the licensing and ownership of the business, and even the generous bonuses on offer mentioned earlier.

For most of the top online casinos at the moment, advanced security measures will be in place and their website constantly monitored to ensure a fair game for every player coming in. It is definitely in their best interest to keep their online gambling experience as safe and secure as possible, as it will give new and returning players peace of mind as they play. A lot of the top-notch online casinos will use very similar methods to keep their website and your funds secure, which may include supplying and verifying proof of identity, two-step authorisation measures, and even a responsible gambling policy to protect at-risk players.

Secure Payment

A key way to determine if an online casino is reliable and safe is to first make sure that their payment and withdrawal and deposit methods are secure. All reliable and legitimate online casinos will provide a player with a very common and trusted method of making a payment, be it by paying directly through a debit card transaction or perhaps through a trusted third party like PayPal. Check with the online casino about which payment services they provide before you start to make any deposits.

Generous Bonuses

More or less every online casino will make generous bonuses to new and existing players through exciting offers, deals, and signups for either their entire website or a specific game. They are a great way to entice a player to start or continue playing through their website, however in order to ensure that the bonus or deal is completely legitimate, it is best to read the fine print in the terms and conditions section before signing up.

A generous bonus may look good initially; however, the less reliable online casinos will usually make their bonuses unfair for the player, and it is hard to be aware of this if you skip out on reading all of the terms and conditions provided before signing up. Almost every online casino will offer a player a generous bonus to sign up to, and it will be the more reliable online casinos that will make their terms and conditions very obvious and readable to a player before they start playing.

Licensing and Regulation

All reliable and reputable online casinos will have a good and up-to-date license that allows them to operate. The online casino must have a license to operate a legitimate and legal business, and these licenses are too supplied and monitored by official agencies.

Regulating online casinos is also a big part of their existence as they are constantly scrutinised by some form of regulating body. These official regulatory bodies and agencies will usually monitor an online casino based in their country, and it is vital to online casinos that they meet the necessary requirements set out by the regulatory bodies otherwise they could lose their license. In order to determine whether an online casino is reliable, they should have a ‘seal of approval’ very obviously shown on their website which is usually supplied by the regulation and/or licensing authority.


A new player looking at how to determine if an online casino is reliable should also complete a bit of research around the software being utilised by the casino. There are a lot of different software developers out there, each one designed in very different ways, but is neither always safe nor trustworthy. Looking into the software of the online casino you have decided to use, you can easily determine whether that casino is reliable. Some of the biggest software names to look out for in the world of online casinos are NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming. There are plenty of really reliable and trustworthy software manufacturers out there that are used by thousands of online casinos, but the key is to first conduct some quick research into the background of the software being used before you start making deposits or signing up for a generous bonus.

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