Mobile Casino Popularity vs Desktop Version


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Mobile Casino Popularity vs Desktop Version

Mobile Casino Popularity vs Desktop Version

Smartphones and PCs are becoming very much alike: quad-core processor, 4K screen, 16GB of RAM. Someone reading these specs some five years ago would probably think we’re talking about a great computer. Yet, it’s just one of the latest flagship smartphones in the market. Still, can mobile casinos outplay their desktop counterparts?

Popularity Fight

Online casinos were first made available for computers in the mid-90s. Computers remain a popular choice for online gambling. The first online platform for PC was launched in 1994, while the first mobile casino was launched in 2004. Microgaming was behind both initiatives. Still, mobile devices are more popular today, chiefly among younger players.

The first smartphones to access Microgaming’s mobile casino were Nokia phones. Yet, the modality would only gain traction after the first iOS, and Android models hit the market. Nowadays, with roughly half of the world owning a smartphone, mobile games are more popular than ever, and online casinos aren’t an exception. How do both ways compare, though?

Mobile Gambling

Mobile casinos allow players to play anywhere, any time. This alone is already a huge advantage over bulky desktops. Yet, there’s more. Thanks to their cameras and touch screens, mobile devices can provide a seamless gaming experience. All one needs is a reliable internet connection. Most online casinos don’t have an app these days, so there’s no need to download anything. However, not every game will run on any mobile device.

Desktop Gambling

Sure, smartphones today are much better than yesterday’s computers. Yet, computers are much more resourceful. A flagship smartphone can only compete against an entry-level computer, at best. Computers have keyboards, mice, joystick ports and can connect to much more stable internet via ethernet cables. Desktop gamblers also enjoy a greater variety of games, including live dealer games.

Oranges and Apples Then?

Not quite. Casino gaming enthusiasts often visit a broad spectrum of sites, one of the most popular ones is, and as such, mobile and desktop play have pros and cons among the vast array of gaming options. But which gaming-type stands out? Mobile devices and desktops are rivals in almost every spec. Both options offer exclusive advantages, so it’s hard to pick a side in the match “mobile casino popularity vs desktop version”. Although absolute numbers favour the first, the best choice will normally be a matter of personal convenience rather than quality.

Those who like to play anywhere or can’t stand a PC screen at the end of the day should go for mobile options. Yet, computers can provide better gameplay. They have many more possibilities for shortcuts and other preset options. Besides, it’s much easier to customise your computer for gaming than a smartphone.

Still, the most avid players are ambivalent about this issue. Both ways have their advantages, and those who gamble frequently will find the best occasion for each. Most online platforms are written in HTML5 these days. They don’t need dedicated apps because they run on any web browser. It allows players to switch between devices seamlessly. Even smart TVs can be used for the task if a player so desires.

The Final Countdown

Over 80% of people worldwide own a smartphone. It’s a tremendous advantage over computer ownership. Indeed, computer ownership per household can also sit at about 80% in developed countries, but the worldwide average stays at about 45%. Still, many gamblers can find mobile gambling clumsy and confusing due to the small screens.

Those who play on the go can’t count on desktop PCs. Even laptops would be inconvenient in some situations, like while commuting, for instance. Nevertheless, many players will still prefer to wait until they get home. Then, they can sit before their resourceful desktops with large screens. In fact, the decline of desktop gambling has halted in the past two years. So, even if mobile casinos can reach more people, there’ll always be a space for desktop gambling.

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