The Technology Behind Live Dealer Games


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The Technology Behind Live Dealer Games

Technology Behind Live Dealer Games

Even if live casino games are not the most significant source of income for operators in the West, they bring millions in revenue. In Asia, Live Baccarat enjoys a special kind of appreciation among players. Still, Live Roulette and Blackjack are dear to players all over the world.

Your live casino sessions would not be possible without cutting-edge technology. Operators must strive to provide the best services and fine-tune their offerings with the latest technological advancements.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various pieces of equipment that fuel your live casino gaming sessions. Beneath the surface, there’s an entire web of sensors, processors and cables that record and transmit digital data. They make it possible for you to watch HD streaming, place bets, chat with other players and receive your payouts in real-time.

You’re in for an educative read, but first, let’s see why online casinos have become more popular than land-based ones in Canada.

Casino Gaming in Canada

Previously limited to land-based facilities or digital renditions, games like Roulette and Blackjack have benefitted extraordinarily from technological progress. Live-streamed casino games steal the show for many.

Players can’t stand Random Number Generators and feel that casino games built in this manner lack something. Indeed, they lack a human touch. Having your cards dealt by a real person is more appealing than a randomly generated algorithm outcome.

Another simple fact needs consideration. Most players don’t have the time to travel and visit a top land-based casino. So why bother with an average facility when you have online platforms that offer the same service at a fraction of the cost?

Live casino games have become increasingly available in recent times, in tandem with the growing popularity of online casinos. Actually, in Canada, one could say that online casinos are the driving force of the industry.

Statistics from the Canadian Gaming Association and the University of Iowa prove that land-based casinos have suffered massive profit losses in the past year, following a decrease in their customer base. Still, players did not cease to play, only migrated to online gaming platforms.

Convenience has most likely turned land-based casino goers into live casino players. However, convenient as it is, online gaming raises a few concerns. One would be trustworthiness – how can you know that the site you’re on is not a scam?

Luckily, players out there have taken the time to check out the market and review the most trustworthy casinos. Go through the list and use the filters and you’ll find licensed online casinos in which your security is not a matter of gambling.

Uncovering the Tech that Fuels Live Casino Games

Curious about the equipment that’s necessary for your live gaming? Let’s get straight to the point.

High-definition Live Streaming

To provide you with pristine live streaming of Roulette, online casinos employ powerful, high-resolution cameras. Some even go the extra mile to ensure the best image possible and add 4K cameras in the mix.

A single one would not be enough, though. You need multiple cameras in critical angles to cover the table and the dealer and provide close-up shots of the wheel. Same in Live Blackjack rooms. Close-range footage of dealers when they deal the cards is very important, as it brings a more authentic feel to the game.

What’s in the cameras?

The information recorded by the cameras must be converted to digital signals in order to be live-streamed. A computerized system is responsible for the conversion and processing of the data. We’re referring to the technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Aside from its role in streaming, the OCR is beneficial in terms of security as well. It captures everything at the live table, including wagers, cards’ shuffling and wheel spinning. Thus, it can assist supervisors in detecting fraudulent activity and underhanded strategies in no time.

Previously, casinos counted on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to capture the action. In Live Blackjack, each card carried a small transmission device triggered when it left the deck, updating the information on the player’s display. With the advent of the OCR, though, it became outdated.

The Game Control Unit

It may be that the essential element for live casino gaming is the Game Control Unit. This piece of hardware is responsible for encoding the video caught on camera with the help of the OCR. Moreover, it’s the equipment that interprets information from sensors attached to the wheel or the ball in Roulette.

Each table, be it Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat, has a Game Control Unit. It provides the dealers with an overview of the currently placed wagers while also instructing them when it’s the right moment to perform game-related actions like spinning the wheel or dealing the cards.

All this data is displayed on a screen, so each gameplay table must have its own monitor connected to the Game Control Unit. Now that’s another fundamental piece of equipment, as dealers use screens to keep in touch with players and see past results.

Of course, in order for the screens to display something meaningful, you need a User Interface along with all these. This is the crucial software that binds together your ability to place a wager, the casino’s payment system, and the various other devices mentioned above.

The gap between online gaming and old-school casinos is partly bridged with the aid of cameras, OCR, game control units and many sensors. While these are mandatory for a seamless live casino experience, it’s the human element – the real dealer – that makes this type of entertainment what it is.

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