6 Features to Look For While Choosing a WooCommerce Payment Method


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6 Features to Look For While Choosing a WooCommerce Payment Method

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If you’re a WordPress website owner and thinking about setting up an online store, then it’s high time that you try it as we’re experiencing a change in people’s buying behaviour. Most of the shopping has been done online, and running an online store can be a good move, but why WooCommerce? WooCommerce is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms where you can set up your online store quickly and sell products to your customers.

Woocommerce is a WordPress e-commerce plugin which allows you to set up an online store offering unique features to sell products online. Whenever you buy something from an online store, you have to go through payment check-in, and in this post, we’re going to discuss 6 Features to Look For While Choosing a WooCommerce Payment Method.

What is the WooCommerce Payment Method, and Why is it Important?

Choosing a suitable payment method will allow your customers to pay securely without any hassle, and it would be a good experience for them, and as a store owner, you should figure out what can be the best option you can execute while choosing the WooCommerce payment method. The payment gateway can be understood as a security check to ensure that the transaction isn’t fraud, and there are many payment gateway options you can try for your WooCommerce website.

A payment gateway helps your customers to pay securely without any hassle, and it protects the transaction. Many companies offer different types of payment gateway, and it’s essential to set up your payment gateway methods. In this post, we’ll cover all the things you should consider while choosing a WooCommerce Payment Method.

1. The Location and its Flexibility

One of the most critical elements while choosing the payment gateway is to look for your target audience location. There are many payment gateways which provide so many features but is it for specific areas, or can they be used worldwide. First, you need to know your audience, which people are you targeting and choose according to it. The payment gateway company must offer the plugin for specific countries, so you should differentiate and select your customers.

Picking a versatile company which will not disturb the flow when you’re expanding will help you to grow your business and sell globally. WooCommerce offers you to sell worldwide. Choosing the right payment gateway company will accelerate your growth, so make sure you’re looking for its flexibility while choosing the payment gateway company.

2. A Good User Experience

The most important thing is not to ruin or disturb the user experience. As you know, people choose comfort over anything, so make sure the company you’re choosing makes it easy for people to pay money. A good user experience decides a lot for your next purchase. While picking any payment method, make sure you make it easy for buyers so you’ll get repetitive customers for your store.

If the payment services are good, then you’ll gain more customers, and it will help you to beat your competitors, so make sure the company is making it easy for your customers to pay, and the experience is best.

3. The Transaction Charges

Different companies have different charges and you have to make sure you’re getting the right value for your money as many companies offer no monthly charges but offer high transaction fees and some offer transaction fees as well as monthly fees so make sure you consider checking in at the right payment method.

The business you’re doing should make a profit so make sure you’re taking up the right payment method which doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You have to make sure that you’re checking up on every charge whether it be annual or settlement charges to make sure you’re getting the value for your money.

4. Suspicious Activity Detection

One of the main reasons you need a strong payment method is to prevent fraudsters as you know many fraudsters and hackers can be a problem for your payment security but having a secured and fraud detection method can enhance the transaction experience of your customers.
The detection feature will help your customers to prevent fraudulent payments and it will protect your payments as well. So make sure the company provides strong fraud detection support.

5. Cards They Accept

One of the main reasons you’ll lose your customers can be the payment preferences. Make sure the method you’ll be plugging in should include the majority of cards which people use for shipping because along with the global accessibility to your store you need to ensure the cards are used around. A good payment method should include a variety of cards which are used globally.

Providing different payment methods can be appealing to your audience as it will conclude in making payments without just putting them into the cart along with your local area cards. You have to make sure that you’re providing Apple pay and Android pay.

6. The Help Support

If you don’t want your customers to leave your store then the payments should be easy and hassle-free. Sometimes there are different problems which you’ll face like server issues and other obstacles. If you’re having any issues with the payment methods then there should be quick support for you to get the problem solved.

Customer support is essential and it will help you to prevent any security problems.

A good payment method should be there to resolve your problem so make sure you’re picking a company that has good customer support otherwise you’ll lose customers.

Things You Should Consider:
  • Easy plugin ways
  • Reliable charges for the payment method.
  • A strong security
  • Versatile and flexible paying options
  • No server issues
  • Easy to pay

These are some key features you need to look down to when you’re Choosing a WooCommerce Payment Method and make sure the payment method is easy and hassle-free for your customers. We hope you liked this post.

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