7 Best Steps on How to Write a Super Catchy Blog Headline {With examples}


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7 Best Steps on How to Write a Super Catchy Blog Headline {With examples}

How to Write a Super Catchy Blog Headlines

Have you ever thought about blog headlines?

If your answer is no then you have to take it seriously at this time.

Today’s audience judges your whole blog efforts by a single headline. Each day there are millions of best content uploaded on the internet but only a few get better revenue. why?

The only reason is the use of catchy, meaningful, informative headlines for blogs. Content with a proper headline not only gets a lot of clicks but also helps in getting a new audience. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

According to a survey, more than 75% of people get attracted to your blog only because of the headline. Only a little less than 25% like to read all aspects of an article.

So, if you’re a blogger then this is the most important thing for you. You have to put extra attention to the title of your blogs.

If you don’t know how to write a killer title for your blog then feel free because this article is only for you.

In this article, you will get to know how to write catchy headlines, various parts of the headlines, and considerations while writing headlines.

Let’s discuss various aspects of writing the best headlines.

Number Usage

As the internet provides a lot of efficiencies, many people search on the internet for expert advice. Using numbers in titles gives an easy summary of blog content. If you are a regular copywriter then mostly you come to know that the audience wants their answers as quick as possible with simplicity.

Number usage helps to point out exactly how many types of answers are given in the article. It reflects easy points as well as catchiness to the headline.

Ex:- “7 reasons for your hair loss”

“9 useful tips to get natural black hair”

“11 best homemade remedies for cough”

In these examples, you will see the exact number of points at the beginning of the blog headline.

Emotional Connectivity

It has been found that headlines with emotional connectivity have a great impact on the audience. Emotionally described headlines put the reader connected throughout the whole article. so it helps us to use this type of headline for our blogs.

Within this category sometimes using the negative aspect also helps most. Introducing negative words quickly gets attention from the reader and it makes the reader forceful to read the whole blog uncut.

Ex:-. ” 9 things, your boss hiding from you”

” You will never know these 5 secrets of your wife”

” The dark side of the school’s, everybody has to know”

In these examples, we used emotional connectivity so by reading it the reader is forced to read it further. These headlines trigger the reader’s curiosity. You can also use these headlines for better traffic.

Keywords Application

For every blog, Seo optimization is a must to get enough traffic and to generate revenue. Keeping in mind you have to write a compelling headline to your article so that the reader will click it and read its all parts. It may be the last thing you have to do with the headline after including all the other aspects.

Injecting highly-ranking keywords to the headline is the most important thing. If you are running a business blog then you have to find out the best keywords that fully describe your products and services.

Ex :-. “Top 5 men hairstyles popular in 2021”

“Bloom your look by popular fashions ”

” Top 10 wedding photography ideas for couples”

The examples given above contain proper arrangements of the best keywords. It looks creative as well as traffic generative, doesn’t it? Try it out on your own.

Experimental Ideas

Whenever you write blog headlines forget all the rules used for writing blogs. Try randomly written headlines by introducing some common things. Sometimes simple things give us a lot of benefits so try to write your blog headlines by applying this thing.

Every writer has to be experimental with his writing from time to time. This brings new ideas, new presenting skills, some new strategies to the writing and eventually it becomes highly successful.

More than One Heading

All we know is that the uppermost headline is important for every blog post. But we never ignore the importance of small headlines within the whole article. Sometimes it helps the reader while searching for the particular point that we introduced in it. The reader can easily access the inner point and read it.

Always try to write more than one heading within your blog. It also helps to organize blog content easily just by going through catchy headlines.

Introducing Questions in Headlines

This became a trend in blogging sites. Introducing questions within the headlines has a psychological aspect on the reader. Mainly these questions keep the reader searching for answers and another thing brings curiosity in the reader.

Questions are highly recommended parts of the blogs as people search by asking questions on Google. Questions Are part of semantic Seo. This helps search engines to understand what the user is looking for. And with response to this search engines reflect your questions used articles as a result.

Ex:- ” How to make div monitor a step by step guide”

” How to treat mosquitoes by home remedies”

” Why people feel stressed, 7 reasons of it”

An Ultimate Guide Blog

In blogging these types of headlines that say an ultimate guide is said to be most effective. These blogs have great demand in the blog market. We can see this many times searching the Internet. Sometimes these articles are introduced to readers as the eBook as these are long-form of articles with every little point.

These blog articles are very much useful, educative, and able to guide fully on particular topics. Commonly ultimate guide blog posts are of technical, researched niche. These contain all the information in step by step and simple manner.

Ex :-. ” How to write a blog post? : An ultimate guide for beginners”

” An ultimate guide: Hiring web developer for your website”

These are the examples of headlines with ultimate guide use. If you’re writing a long blog with so many important intricate parts then simply you can use these ultimate guide words to put extra attention on that by the reader.


The headline is the most important part of any blog post so always try to write it better. With the use of the above 7 steps, you can easily find a way to write the best headline. Use of more than one heading into the article is the best way to become topmost. Apply all the ways and keep experimenting with your writings.

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