Best 8 Important Skills You Need to be an Android Developer


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Best 8 Important Skills You Need to be an Android Developer

Best 8 Important Skills You Need to be an Android Developer

Today our life has been changed with the use of mobile apps. At this stage we are able to get education, entertainment, digital work efficiency, to do business, discovery of creativity, Etc. by these mobile apps. This regular use of mobile apps gave career opportunities in mobile apps development to most of the people. At a global level Android shares its certain amount of shares into the market. Due to this global value android developers are gaining a lot of high security jobs in the field of android mobile app development.

Android mobile apps are responsible for global connectivity between each and every person across the world. Android apps have the ability to engage people by innovative as well as interesting content. The Android development industry has now supported the global economy with so much fulfilment as well as enrichment.

If you are interested in becoming an android developer then you are at the right place. In this blog you will get all the necessary information, required skills for becoming an android developer. We have gathered all this information from highly experienced android app developers. So be with us to know everything.

What is an Android?

What is an Android

Android is nothing but the operating system used by mobile devices to run various applications. In the global market of operating systems, Android shares about 70% of all other operating systems. Due to its preferences, Android app development has become a huge sector of career nowadays.

What is the role of an android developer ?

The role of an android developer is to develop android applications for android operated systems. They build and design mobile friendly apps and work on it to fix its bugs as well as to increase its performance. Android developer is responsible for the implementation and application of new android development technologies.

What are the Skills Required to Become a Successful Android Developer?

If you are interested in becoming a successful Android app developer then you must require basic technical skills. There are some additional skills that help you to assist in android development. Depending upon the project skills requirements are also different. Every Android developer must have some skills like coding, programming, designing, etc.

Let’s discuss some important skills For becoming successful as well as perfect Android app developers.

Skills of Programming


Skills of programming are necessary for the android app development. Mobile devices are much smaller having smaller processors and this needs efficient coding knowledge. An android developer must have this knowledge for the android app development. There are various programming technologies you have to study properly. Some of the programming technologies are as follows.

  • Kotlin

Kotlin is a popular programming language which is compatible with the android operating system. Kotin is also compatible with the java programming language. Kotlin helps android for better as well as fast performance.

  • Java

Java is another programming language used for android development. Java concepts such as variables, loops, lists, java controls are necessary for android developers. Java is said to be a vast language that can be used not only in android but also other than android platform.

  • XML

Whenever it comes with the data description XML language plays a great role. Userinterface is designed by XML in android development. XML provides linkage between java files and data and also helps to introduce various tags, angular brackets and deep knowledge of data.

  • APIs

Depending upon the company, APIs help in development of the design of the material. These APIs help us to connect with android as well as other operating systems.

  • SQL

Database organization is necessary for programming technology. SQL helps us to organize the data.

Skills of Designing


Developed Android apps have simplified UI (User interface) that comes under the skill of designing. UI skills have so much importance in the profession of Android. UI comprises animation, graphics, layouts, etc. Low budget projects need excellent designing skills. Some of the designing tools are as follows.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Sketching
  • Animations
  • Design templates etc.

Skills of Testing


Along with programming and designing skills. Testing skills are also important. Testing developed Android apps makes them error free before final launch on various platforms. Testing skills fix errors, glitches and help to remove unwanted bugs from it. There are some critical points like security, In app payment modes on which Android developers must have some skills. There are so many testing strategies as follows

  • Tools Testing
  • Os Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Device Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Connectivity Testing
  • Battery Testing etc

Skills of Publishing


This skill is the next step after the testing skill. In today’s world marketing plays a great role for doing better business. Publishing skills help in the betterment of your android app usage. For getting more people engagement, publishing skills are a must.

Marketing skills- Marketing skills are necessary for gathering an audience for your Android apps. The more your marketing, the more the engagement of the audience and this results in achieving business goals.

Management Skills

Management Skills

Android developers have a skill of management to manage every project with complete focus. Android developers are able to collaborate with all the team members to get fine work. Team management is also a practical skill.

Research Skills

Android app development is a fully skill based job. Every idea requires enough knowledge to build up in Reality. Developers have to get all required information by researching. Study of market needs is also a research skill.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Within project management team members, developers need communication skills to develop the best performing app this communication is called internal communication.

When an Android developer works with a corporate app development company he needs professional communication. This communication requires good vocal English knowledge to communicate with clients. This communication process is called external communication.

Skills of Surveys

The best way to know the audience ‘s experience with Android apps is to gather their feedback. Survey skills help developers to know the needs of their project. Negative feedback gives information of required changes and positive feedback gives motivation for better work.


Android development industry is growing at rapid rate with increment of mobile device usages. For becoming a successful Android developer you have gathered all the essential hard and soft skills. Basic programming knowledge is a must while practicing it. You must have an Android and iOS device for the app development learning and implementation.

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