Connect your WordPress plugin “Yoast SEO” with Google Search Console


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Connect your WordPress plugin “Yoast SEO” with Google Search Console

Connect your WordPress plugin “Yoast SEO” with Google Search Console

The basic meaning of Search Console is that it helps in improving your websites and maintaining Google search results. It is a free tool that lets you manage and allows you to check the growth of your sites.

Earlier Google Search Console was stated as Google Webmaster Tools.

How does Search Console work?

  • It provides you tools and data which help in measuring your traffic and performance of the sites. Moreover, it is also dealt with problems and helps in showing your websites in Google Search Results.
  • It alerts you if you are facing troubles with your websites.
  • It also helps you to target a specific keyword by providing you the detail of your keyword that discover by more people.
  • It understands how Google crawls and sees your site.

What are Indexing and crawling?

Google has made a certain algorithm that is known as Google bots to Index and Crawls your pages. To find the new content in your blog. Crawling involves that bot will visit your website’s or blog each page by one link at a time. On the other hand, indexing stores all your page data in one search result page.

Many times google bot found the error while crawling and indexing that is of two types and mention below.

URL Errors: It will affect your particular page on your website.
Site Errors: It will affect your whole website or blog.

You can easily encounter these errors in the search console through the Yoast plugin. But for this, you require to join your Yoast plugin with the Search Console.

Which are the important steps involves in Connection Yoast Seo Plugin with Google Search Console?

It is very simple and straightforward steps to connect the Google Search Console it only takes few easy steps. Which are mentioned below:

  1. The major step is to sign up for Google Search and make an account and once you are logged in with your device.
  2. Tap on “Add property” and paste your Website URL (you can add 1000 properties in your Google Search Console with one account).
  3. Once you are done with it enter your Website URL (you can see it will be written there “add site URL) after you are finished click on the ‘continue’ option mention at the corner.
  4. After that click on the option ‘HTML tag’ and verify your site.
  5. After the HTML tag is opened copy the entire meta tag.
  6. Now, open your website backend dashboard to counter the Yoast Seo set up with the search console.
  7. After installing the plugin Yoast Seo. You will find the Yoast SEO option in the menu just tap on it.
  8. On the SEO menu click on the ‘General’
  9. Once you click on the ‘General’ it will show you more options on your display. You required to tap on the “Webmaster Tools” option.
  10. The “Webmaster Tools Verification” will open up and expand its option, there will be a ‘Google Verification code’ just paste the copied meta tag. Then click at the bottom “Save Changes” (written in a blue box).
  11. Now finally the last step, just go back to Google Search Console and tap on the ‘Verify’. Now your linking procedure of Google Search Console with Yoast SEO will do.

How to check whether your website URL is properly connected with Search Console or not?

After applying all the processes to connect your search console with Yoast SEO. Now you are not sure that your website is properly connected or not. So we make some steps that will assure you that your connection with the Google tool is correct. Read out the given steps.

Step1. Go to the left side of your screen at the very top and select your domain.
Step2. Click on the Settings in the menu bar.
Step3. Once the settings are open there is an option “Ownership Verification” click on it and,
Step4. “Ownership Verification” will open and show you the various options below, there will an HTML Tag click on that, and check if the tag matches.

So that’s all for this informative content. All the steps are well explained, you just need to execute the steps properly. Search Console is a very crucial part of blogging. Do not try to skip this important tool. In SEO training, Google Search Console and Yoast Seo will help you a lot to learn the techniques easily. You will find much more content related to SEO training here, just check this website on a daily basis.

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