How to Brand Your Company Logo


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How to Brand Your Company Logo

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The magic of branding is when your product is recognized from thousands! By the color palette on Instagram, by the slogan, logo and even by the first frames of an advertising video. Great branding allows people to understand the concept of a project at a glance. Thanks to clever branding, Apple is no longer just a technique, but a whole legend.

What is branding

Branding is how people see and perceive your company. According to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, “it is what other people say about you when you’re not in a room.” That is, it is not only a corporate identity, consisting of a logo design, website, business cards, but also a full-fledged marketing work. It should be clear, competitive and easily reproducible.

No one knows better about a startup than its creator, which is why third-party designers don’t always have ways to create the perfect branding. During the phase, it’s important to work with designers, marketers, and others together.

How to create branding from scratch?

Use brainstorming techniques to find associations. This will help you articulate project ideas and values. Create a common team board on which everyone can write everything they associate with the brand. Click “Use This Template” or choose a different brainstorming board.

This way, you can determine how your brand will benefit people and what it will become associated with. But not always all sides of a project are strong, so it is important to create a strategy for creating a better image with clients. Have team members come up with ideas, vote with stickers, and leave comments.
Based on associations, you can choose a basic palette, fonts for identity and come up with slogans.

Download brand palette and fonts to keep them close at hand

Choose colors based on the associations you have with your brand. For example, blue and turquoise shades are associated with:

  • Reliability;
  • Serenity;
  • Safety;
  • Friendliness.

But the red color is more emotional, associated with passion, pleasure, strength, risk.

Also take a look at the palette generator, upload a photo that is associated with your project, and instantly get the main shades from this image.

Create a logo

A successful logo is a brand anchor. Its design should reflect the brand’s philosophy. This allows those unfamiliar with your brand to understand your focus. Start working on a logo based on the associations you brainstorm.

Create a consistent social media style

Imagine if McDonald’s changed its colors every six months for 25 years. Nobody would know this brand! Therefore, in branding, consistency is important, which forms trust, recognition and reliability – three pillars for business success. This is important not only for creating an identity, but also for designing content on social networks.

Make templates for different types of content

To make templates for different types of content, you need to draw up a content strategy. You will greatly simplify your work if you develop several types of templates in advance.

The ready-made templates will be saved in your library, you can customize and republish them as many times as you want. The design will be consistent and branded, your style will start to be recognized by clients if you stick to it strictly.

Optimize design size for any platform with one click

You can optimize the design for each social network. To turn a creative for Instagram into a template for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, just click “Resize”, select the platforms you need.

Each design will instantly open in a new tab, ready to edit or download. The magic happens with one click, it’s very convenient!

Prepare promotional materials to stand out from the competition

Advertising banners, teasers, media kits, presentations also need to be branded. You can instantly turn any template you like into your corporate one by changing the palette, fonts and placing a logo.

You can spy on banner ideas at the Ozon marketplace. To maintain consistency, it is enough to use colors that are associated with the brand.

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