How to Create An Educational App From Scratch


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How to Create An Educational App From Scratch

How to Create An Educational App From Scratch

Pandemic has changed the direction of ed-tech startups, and we’re witnessing drastic changes in education. Many people have been using online platforms to learn stuff, and we’re encountering many ed-tech startups making their way to grow beautifully by creating value for people. Because of the pandemic, we’ve seen a massive transformation in people learning things online.

Building an educational application can be an excellent move to educate people and make money simultaneously. Many people have been making their way to develop educational platforms and provide value for users.

Creating an application isn’t easy, and if you’re trying to build it from scratch, then you’ll need a team and some resources, which we’ll discuss further, so if you’re looking forward to creating an educational application, then here are some directions that you should follow.

Types of Educational Applications

Education covers a vast dimension, and it has categories for every age group. The educational applications available in the market target a specific group of people whether they want to learn particular skills or clear some exam. It depends on the directions; first, we’ll discuss the types of educational applications available in the market and the audience they target.

There are endless variations of the educational applications, and you’ve to decide what you’ll be offering to your users. Let’s categorise the applications available in the market.

1. Application for Formal Education

Many applications dictate specific uses like they can be only used for particular studies. There are many applications in the market which offer a wide range of studying patterns which are based on their degree studying.

2. Courses Learning Application

One of the best applications is an overall learning app where you can find courses for every other category. Applications like Coursera, udemy, and seekho provide millions of courses on various topics.

3. Applications for Specific Skills

Applications like Duolingo cover another area where you download applications for specific skills like learning a language or any particular skills.

4. Educational Games Application

The other category in an educational application is the game category, where you educate people by letting them play games. This is an exciting way to educate people and get money in return.

5. Learning Management Applications

The other application used for specific training systems is learning management applications of different organisations. Many organisations use applications for learning purposes among their employees. This becomes easy in communicating and educating the employees in the organisation.

By understanding the category and audience, you want to target; you can create applications according to consumer convenience. Look for what people want and create value according to people’s comfort, so let’s jump into how you can make an educational application from scratch.

Essentials for Educational Application Creation

  • Project manager to manage essential things.
  • Developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA Engineer and UI and UX designer
  • A proper software team

How Much Does it Cost to Create an Educational Application?

The usability you want to provide to your customers will determine the cost of your application. Still, as we all know, the designing and developing an application costs lakhs of rupees and working on the developing side and designing the application, the app will cost you anything around one crore to 5 crores.

The number can be increased or decreased per team, management, tools, sources and funds. Creating an application without obstacles will cost you anything around the numbers given above. We’re considering an excellent running, comfort-driven product which your customers will appreciate. Let’s understand the process.

1. Find the Niche and Get the Right Team

The first crucial step for creating an application is to get the right time and find your niche. As we’ve explained to you different categories, you can create something different or unique from the existing ones, or you can come up with your idea to educate people. But at first, you’ve to follow up the niche and get the right team on board. Designers, developers and management should have the same vision, and they should be aware enough to understand what you want to offer to your audience.

2. Test and Research Market

Understanding what people want in their phones is the crucial part, and you’ve to do proper research with the plan of action in your hand before investing your time and efforts into it. Testing the market means sharing your idea and understanding what the market needs, and the same goes with the research you have to put into studying the whole process. Figure out the MVP in your application and start looking.

3. You can Go for App Creators

The other beneficial element you have in the market is you can assign someone to create that dream product for you at a reliable cost. You may drive into some of the best application creating agencies which will help you to understand the situation and can contribute to your product. If you’re struggling to get the right team, this can be a perfect solution for your product.

4. What’s in Trend

You shouldn’t make something which is based on trends because it’s challenging to sustain it, but understanding what’s the new thing in the market isn’t wrong, so go and understand what’s the problem people are facing, and you can tackle and make a solution for it. People are more driven toward advanced technology like AI and machine learning, so you can look forward to it and at the same time, video content is convenient for many people.

5. Execute

When you’re done with the team, research and other modules, you should look forward to execution. Once you’re done with some critical elements for the creation, you should execute everything. Mistakes can cost you money, so make sure you’ve planned everything before execution.

How to Monetise Your Application?

When you’ve created a people choice application, there are some ways by which you can get benefit from it. I look forward to testing your methods, and there are some ways you can look forward to while monetising.

Overall Paid Application

To create a space where you’ll be delivering what no one is showing, you can use the criteria of a paid application where customers have to pay for every feature you’ll be offering your application.

The Subscription Model

Most applications follow the category of subscription model where you create a subscription plan for your customers. Many applications use this method to get people on board.

A Freemium Source

The other idea which can bring good revenue to the table is the freemium source, where you offer some premium features by charging a reliable amount to your customers.

Running Ads

Another way you can earn by creating an educational application is by running ads on your product. You have to choose which ads you want to run on your application as it can be the best way to earn.


We hope you find value in this post. The given suggestions might help you with creating an educational application from scratch.

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