How to Expand Your Local SEO Ranking to International


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How to Expand Your Local SEO Ranking to International

Local SEO

The process of optimizing the ranking of your website for a specific country is known as international SEO. If you do international SEO of your website, the search engine will reach your website in a specific country. You can also do international SEO of your website for different keywords in different languages. While doing international SEO, you will have to share such content which is relevant to the targeted audience. There are many causes of doing international SEO on your website. You can extend your reach in the international markets. You can increase your customer base in the world. You can meet the needs of your customers in their local languages. Some essential tips to expand your local SEO ranking to the international level are given below;

Focus On Localizing:

If you want to expand the local SEO of your website to the international level, you should translate and adjust the content of your website in the targeted languages. If you don’t translate it in the targeted language, you can hire a translator from the Fiverr or UpWork for it. While hiring the translator, you should make sure that he should have enough experience in the local market. It means that he can easily speak and understand your language and the targeted language. Moreover, he should also have enough knowledge about the niche of your website. By hiring such a translator, you can easily get the required benefits. Moreover, he should also have the ability to create the best quality content.

Research Keywords:

If some keywords are popular in the English language, there is a possibility that these keywords are not popular in the targeted language. Therefore, you should also share articles in the targeted language by properly researching the keywords. For this reason, you can use lots of free keywords research tools. After knowing the high search volume keywords in the targeted market, you can easily create and share the best quality content in the targeted language. To create the best quality content, you should read out the posts of your competitors. By reading their posts, you can easily understand the gap between these posts. By fulfilling this gap with the best quality and unique content, you can easily beat your competitors. If you want to get instant results, you should also focus on the low competition keywords. Its reason is that high competition keywords take some time in ranking.

Build Links:

Like English articles, to build backlinks in the other language’s articles is also necessary for you. Now, the edge is that building backlinks in other languages is easy than in English. Its reason is that most of the residents try to share the articles in their local language than in English. After writing the articles in the local languages, you should also consider about the outreach of these articles. To do the outreach of these articles in the local language is not easy for you. Its reason is that you don’t have enough idea about it. For this reason, you should also hire people who can provide outreach facilities to you. You should also track the backlinks of your competitors and try to beat them by creating your backlinks on those websites. Nowadays, gust blogging is known as the best way to get high-quality backlinks for your website. You should prepare a list of the high DA and PA websites to share guest posts.

Use Sub-Directories Instead Of Subdomains:

If you are working in different languages and different countries, either you can use subdirectories or subdomains. To my extent, subdirectories are more useful than subdomains. Its reason is that these subdirectories are more authentic than subdomains. When you use subdirectories, these subdirectories will flow more link juice towards your website than subdomains. For example, if you have a domain and you are providing coursework writing services in different countries, you will need to add a subdirectory for a specific country. For example, for the UK, subdirectory should be like and for the USA, subdirectory should be Anyhow, if you have enough experience in using the subdomains, you can also use them. The problem is that Google will consider it as an individual website. If you want to rank this individual website, you will have to work hard on it. You will have to create separate backlinks. You will have to share them on social media sites.

Build A Brand:

Most of the people think that they can easily get success in the international SEO just by building backlinks and by sharing the best quality content. No doubt, these techniques play a vital role in international SEO but if you want to get success, you should show yourself as a brand. To show yourselfas a brand, you should read the comments of the users and try to provide the best replies to them. Moreover, you should also create social media profiles of your business in the local language. After creating these social media profiles, you should also share content in their local languages. Moreover, you should also try to give replies to the comments of the followers. To create posts, to read comments and to give replies to these comments in the targeted language may not be possible for you. Under such a situation, you can hire a moderator in the local language. After hiring the moderator, you should provide suggestions to him how to create a brand of your business website. After showing your business website as a brand before the audience, you can increase the sales of your products and services.

Make Use Of hreflang:

If you are sharing your content by translating it into a different language, Google will not penalize to your website. After translating the content into different languages, you can easily use it in the landing pages of your website. If you want to show a different version of the content in different countries, you can use hreflang for it. With the help of hreflang, Google will show the content of specific language in the specific country. For example, in the UK, Google will show the content of your website in the English language. In Germany, Google will show your content in the German language. Most of the people don’t know about the hreflang. They can easily generate hreflang code for their websites by using lots of tools. The best tool to generate the hreflang code for your website is Aleyda Solis.

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