Reasons To Switch To Windows VPS


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Reasons To Switch To Windows VPS

Reasons To Switch To Windows VPS

The business world is very competitive, especially with new businesses popping up daily. Furthermore, the rise of internet technology has made it necessary for every company to improve their online operations. Mobile applications and effective websites are the way to go, particularly for those who want to be within the realm of e-commerce.

Today, developing and implementing a website design are the first steps in establishing online operations. It is the next thing to do to find an excellent web host that can provide ample server storage. Many companies opt for shared hosting to reduce costs, but this isn’t always the best choice in the long term.

This is why Windows VPS can be a great solution. VPS refers to Virtual Private Server, and it’s a hosting platform. VPS gives you hosting on your own with allocated disk space. In this article, we’ll provide some information on the benefits of Windows VPS.

An Introduction to VPS Hosting

If you’re planning to create a website for any type of website, you’ll have to choose the best hosting plan. There are many choices available, and although most people choose sharing hosting services, your requirements might change over time.

In shared hosting, your website lives on a server with other sites, sharing resources. This is different from dedicated hosting, which has multiple servers host one site. Hosting on VPS is usually referred to as a ‘hybrid’ between dedicated and shared hosting because it combines the best elements.

If you’re on a VPS account, the website is still on the same server as the other users. However, every VPS account is essentially divided. Every virtual server has its operating system, and resources are allocated to a specific site. This usually results in greater levels of efficiency and protection.

VPS hosting usually comes with a cost increase. This kind of service is usually costlier than shared hosting; however, it is less expensive than dedicated web hosting. The price you pay for your plan also depends on what Operating System (OS) your server is running.

The operating system of your hosting plans, such as Windows and Linux, will constitute the foundation of your server, deciding the apps you can run, how long the most important processes will require, and the efficiency of your server. Windows-based hosting plans are among the most well-known options because they offer high-quality technical support and security.

When to Consider Upgrading Your Hosting Plan

It’s highly unlikely the hosting package that you initially signed up with is the best choice for your site for a long time. If your website continues to expand and evolve, It could be the right time to look into upgrading your hosting plan.

For instance, a new plan for hosting might be necessary for the following scenarios:

The traffic on your site has increased substantially.

You’re worried regarding the safety of your website’s information (and the data of the users)

You might also consider that you’ve outgrown hosted hosting. Your company might have grown in size, meaning that you need more resources. A dedicated hosting service will give you lots of resources, but for a higher price and a cost that smaller companies typically cannot afford.

The VPS hosting plan can be used as an ideal transition from shared hosting, especially in terms of cost. It’s easy to locate low-cost, top-quality VPS-based hosting. This kind of hosting comes with numerous advantages, especially for Windows-based plans. Let’s look at them in greater depth.

Here are 10 things you should consider about your company and your website to determine if you’re a good candidate for a flexible, scalable strong Windows VPS service.

Does Your Business Depend on Your Site?

In the last 10 years, most transactions are now on the internet. If your website absolutely must be online and functioning at a high level every day and you don’t have the money to invest in a hosting service that may not be able to deliver. A Virtual Private Server provides several benefits that SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) require.

Does Your Site Become Insufficiently Fast to Deal with Volume?

This is what we refer to as a “High-Class Problem. “High-Class Problem.” This can be easily fixed. Websites with medium to high traffic can benefit from VPS as the virtual machine isn’t affected by the demands for the traffic of other websites, which could be the case with Shared servers.

Do You Host Sensitive Data or Have Security Questions?

When you sign up for the VPS plan, the source and data files are stored on an encrypted partition that is inaccessible to customers. That means all your information and any data you collect from your customers are guaranteed confidentiality. You can do the exact as physical dedicated servers. However, a VPS will be more cost-effective and flexible.

Do You See Your Business Growing Quickly?

It’s possible you won’t be able to accurately forecast the needs of your website in the next 3 – six or twelve years; however, you realize that you are expanding. A dedicated server might not be needed and could even be restrictive if you continue to grow. A VPS plan gives the flexibility that you require for expansion without having to pay a huge monthly cost.

Does Your Business Operate Seasonally with a Wide Range of Sales?

The businesses that operate during the season typically see significant growth in traffic during their busy times. For instance, e-commerce tourism, financial services, and wedding-related industries each have unique business cycles that correspond to increased traffic anticipated on their websites.

VPS is an especially beneficial solution in this scenario because you can quickly and effortlessly add and take away additional virtual machines to meet “bursting” traffic needs. This means that you only incur the overhead cost when you have enough revenues to cover it.

Does Over 20% of Your Business’s Revenues Generate on the Internet?

If yes, that indicates that you are an eCommerce company. That means that you shouldn’t allow your website to go offline or to be so slow that customers stop browsing before completing a purchase. With the VPS plan, you can count on 100% uptime and top performance, ultimately leading to an increase in sales conversion rates.

Do you remember a time when you encountered an immediate, immediate requirement for additional web hosting services?

Perhaps your largest client decides to launch an offer that will increase the number of visitors to your site to 1000 %… in just 10 days. What if you have the chance to host an event that is attended by the 50,000 potential customers you want to attract… even though it’s just 5 weeks from now?

In addition, is that you don’t wish or require an expensive dedicated solution in the future, but it’s only a short-term issue you’re trying to overcome. VPS plans offer the unique characteristic of total scalability in terms of memory, CPU, and Disk Space. This means that you can enjoy the advantage of On-Demand Resources to meet changing requirements.

Do You Have the Money to Pay for the Downtime or Slow Loading Time?

What do you consider that 10 minutes of website downtime will cost your company? How much revenue do you lose when your site isn’t running smoothly? Do you have the money to lose any of your revenue? The majority of businesses today cannot. A highly-performing fully-managed VPS plan could cost you $5 per month but could be a great way to save up to 100x or 10x your revenues.

Do you prefer to spend time building your business instead of managing server load or configuring your host infrastructure?

The management options are always accessible regardless of whether they are included in a particular VPS plan. Applied Innovations offers two standard management levels and a full assortment of management options.

If upgrading from Shared to VPS, you’ll cut down on any learning process. When compared to hiring an Administrator or Developer for Server Concierge, a Server Concierge VPS plan costs less expensive.

You’re Worried that You Could Require a Dedicated Plan Shortly but aren’t Prepared for it right now?

This is another reason VPS has a major benefit: VPS plans are 100 100% portable. It means that your virtual machine can quickly and seamlessly be transferred to a dedicated server in the event of need. With Live Migration and High Availability, this process is easy and invisible to your clients.


As your website grows over time, reviewing your hosting plan is important. Most likely, your current plan isn’t suited to your site’s growth and, consequently, the needs of your visitors.

A VPS hosting plan allows users to adjust more quickly. For a quick recap, four main advantages of making use of a Windows-based VPS plan include:

  • It’s a cheaper solution than dedicated or shared plans.
  • Your site will not be a victim of “neighbor drain”.
  • You’ll enjoy a greater amount of protection.
  • VPS hosting gives you more control over your website and server.
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