Top 10 Web Scraping Projects of 2022


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Top 10 Web Scraping Projects of 2022

Top 10 Web Scraping Projects

Web Scraping is the process of obtaining data via the Internet. With Web Scraping Tools, one can download documents from the web to use for analysis in an automated manner.

Web Scraping Projects

These are our suggestions for web scraping projects. They cover a variety of sectors so that you can pick one that best suits your needs and experience.

1. Scrape a Subreddit

Reddit is among the most well-known social media platforms available. Some subreddits or communities cover nearly every subject you could imagine. Starting from computer programming and even World of Warcraft, there is an entire community on Reddit. The communities are very active, and members (on an aside that Reddit’s users are known as Redditors) share lots of helpful information, views and other content.

How Can You Tackle This Project?

The lively communities on Reddit are an excellent opportunity to test your web scraping capabilities. You can search its subreddits for particular topics and find out what users say about it (and how often they talk about the case). For instance, you could go through the subreddit r/webdev, where professionals in web development and other enthusiasts debate the different aspects of the area. You can search this subreddit in search of a specific subject (such as looking for jobs).

This is an example only; you could pick any subreddit to use as your primary.
This Project is ideal for people who are just beginning. If you’re unfamiliar with web scraping, start working on this Project. You can alter the difficulty of this task by choosing a smaller (or larger) subreddit.

2. Customer Review Analysis

To provide the customers more effectively, companies must keep track of customers’ feedback. By analyzing and collecting customer reviews, companies can learn about exciting trends in the customer experience and adjust their products and services to meet these needs.

The Idea for Project:

In this assignment, choose one of the products accessible on any e-commerce website and scrape the information about that product. You must collect and analyze customer feedback and then use the scraped information to evaluate the customer’s sentiment. Additionally, you can perform the necessary statistical analysis to draw meaningful inferences.

It is possible to download Beautiful Soup, a Python open-source library used in this Project. It lets you crawl the targeted website for reviews and then extract the check from the site using HTML tags.

3. Flights Ticket Price Analysis

When planning a trip, it is common to want to save money on tickets to the airport, but it’s not always achievable. It is essential to plan well ahead of time to get discounted prices for access to an aeroplane. Do you know sometimes, prices drop drastically down during odd times? If you can comprehend these, it means you have the possibility of booking tickets in the vicinity of the time of your travel.

The idea for Project for this Project: you can choose a site such as Expedia or Kayak and fill in your information using an automated method and then browse the place to find the pricing information.

A Web Scraping Tool recommended by Python’s Selenium is suitable for web scraping within this Project. In addition, you can utilize Python’s smtplib program for sending an email that contains the data you gathered from the web page to yourself.

4. Scrape Data of Sports Teams

Are you a fan of sports? If so, this is the ideal concept for your Project. You can use your web scraping expertise to gather information from your favourite sports team and uncover exciting details. You can pick any team you want from any popular sport.

How Can You Tackle This Project?

You can pick your preferred team and then scrape the pages of their official site, the company that runs their sports and archives. If, for instance, you’re a lover of cricket and want to utilize the ESPN cricket stats database.

After scraping these data, you’ll have the necessary information about your preferred team. You could expand this Project and include more groups to make the task more difficult.
It is, however, among the best web scraping tasks for novices. You will learn a lot about web scraping and its functions in a fun and exciting way.

5. Online-Game Review Analysis

Since COVID-19 was in effect, the gaming industry experienced an increase in gamers. Analysts must keep track of customer feedback to keep players engaged and ensure they don’t lose interest in other alternatives for entertainment.

The idea for your Project is that you could make a web scraping-related project using the data in the STREAM game store. The store hosts approximately 10,000 games and reviews from more than 4 million gamers. The site offers a product listing page that lets you get the metadata of the games it hosts.

6. Search Engine Rank Tracking System

A Search Engine Rank Tracking System and it helps monitor search engines’ ranking criteria. For example, if you are interested in knowing your website’s chances of being displayed within Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), examine which rank your website has the highest probability of being on. Based on the findings from the analysis, you can apply SEO strategies to increase your site’s ranking.

The Idea Behind the Project Scraper:

A scraper can take the list of keywords you want to target and then results from search engines and then return the most popular page for the domain you’d like to monitor based on the search results. It is easy to build this system of scraping using Python.

However, if the search engine you select to keep track of your rankings, you could quickly be blocked for a short period. Why? Because Google is Google, it doesn’t want to be scraped and has clever anti-bots blocking scrapers. But, you can set the cron job or Airflow data pipeline to gather information on a smaller number of keywords in a shorter time.

7. Scrape a Job Portal-

It’s one of the most well-known web scraping projects, so there are numerous job sites available on the Internet. If you’ve ever thought about using your knowledge in data science to improve human resources, this is the perfect task for you.

There are numerous job portals on the Internet, and you can select any of them for this job. Here are some sites to start:

How Can You Tackle This Project?

In this program, you’ll develop a tool to scrape an online job site (or several job sites) and then checks the qualifications for a particular job. For instance, you could examine all the “data analyst’ positions on the job portals and then need to analyze the job’s requirements to find the most frequently used requirements which hiring by a professional.

8. Lead Generation through Online Forums

Several websites on Internet forums are designed to have users input their contact information, such as email addresses. It is possible to extract these email addresses to send promotional emails, advertising, etc., in exchange for your product and services. Crawling websites do this.

The Concept for Project:

The type of web scraping, which involves removing email addresses and phone numbers from online websites to promote marketing, has grown over time. This is an internet crawling-related project. So, you might have to shift your focus from scraping web pages to crawling. You browse, adding to your queue the number of pages you find when the program discovers them. Read this blog for a better understanding of web scraping and crawling.

This strategy for marketing may seem like a clich√©; however, it could prove effective in actuality. The lead you want to target might have an enthusiastic response to the advertising messages. If you do it properly, this process can be more efficient, and the target audience doesn’t find it spammy. To extract emails from text within this Project, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of regular expressions. Certain users are adept at disguised emails, so web scrapers cannot detect them. If you’d like your program to be highly efficient, you should go to certain websites that allow you to gather undetectable emails.

9. Political Text Analysis

Social Media platforms are not only a way of connecting with others anymore. They have played a significant function in establishing the ideals of different political parties, allowing citizens to share their opinions on various political parties, spread awareness of issues, etc. They’ve become a way for people to express their views. Digital movements such as #StopFundingHate, the #MeToo, and #BlackLivesMatter. Are being recognized and debated across the globe. Political parties have recognized the influence of social media and are analyzing people’s opinions.

Project Idea:

To start this kind of Project on web scraping, select a social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., according to your preferences first. Choose a political party you would like to gather data for. After that, you will scrape the social media posts and political text with specific hashtags on your selected social media platform to determine the general opinions of the citizens of a nation’s population regarding this particular party.

To carry out this Project, you’ll need, for implementation, the R programming language. The Facebook package can help scrape data directly from Facebook’s API in R. In other cases; you can utilize Python in this Project.

10. Get Financial Data

The finance industry uses many kinds of data. Data on financials is beneficial in many ways since it assists investors in analyzing the performance of a business and its reliability. In addition, it helps an organization analyse its situation and where it regards financials. You should be working on this task if you want to apply your expertise in data analysis and web scraping to assist in the financial sector.

How Can You Tackle This Project?

There are many methods to approach this task. Start by searching the Internet for information about the performance of a stock’s price over a specific period, as well as news articles about the company during the time. These data will aid investors in understanding what factors affect a particular company’s price. In addition, it will assist the investor in understanding what influences the company’s stock price and what aspects do not.

Financial data is crucial to the health of any business, and they help the people who are part of the company determine how well (or poorly) their company is doing. The financial data can be beneficial, and this Project will enable you to utilize your expertise in this field.


I hope this collection of project ideas can allow you to unleash your creativity and help you improve your web scraping abilities. There are numerous fantastic web scraping projects you can explore, and all you need is a determination to come up with creative ideas for your Project by yourself. The opinions listed above will assist you in taking your web scraping experience to a higher level.

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