Top 5 Major Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation and Expert Advice on How to Solve Them?


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Top 5 Major Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation and Expert Advice on How to Solve Them?

Major Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation and Expert Advice on How to Solve Them

Business companies in the global market have realized the importance of customized software for the proper business growth. Various Mobile applications transformed our world into a technology oriented Digital world.

Today a lot of users prefer mobile apps instead of visiting actual websites. Externally, those mobile apps are very helpful to the business. Mobile applications help businesses by engaging users, helping to increase sales, providing user-friendly content, etc. Along with external business management companies also need internal development of software for proper achievement of goals.

Software’s as well as mobile apps are used internally to upgrade company productivity, capability, growth and efficiency. Nowadays IT industries are under a lot of pressure due to intense demand for technology, to overcome rapid production of apps as well as IT services, companies are introducing staff augmentation. In this article we will discuss staff augmentation and the challenges of its implementation in the IT sector.

If you’re an IT executive then this article will help you in a much better way.

Reasons To Do Staff Augmentation

Reasons To Do Staff Augmentation

IT companies struggle to maintain their infrastructure with the help of system upgradation and by selected employees. Custom development of softwares and IT mobile apps development are manufactured by expert professionals.

Due to staff augmentation commitments of huge salaries for long terms are avoided without compromising the quality of IT product. It also rapidly promotes the scalability of IT development. They help to provide expert security professionals and engineers for effective development.

Though staff augmentation comes with a huge set of profits but it also has some loopholes including various challenges. We will discuss it below.

Staff Augmentation Challenges And It’s Proper Solutions

1st Challenge: Barrier in Communication

Barrier in Communication

Communication barriers are the most common challenge for the IT sector. It often felt while Working with developers and engineers on complex projects. We know that due to intelligent and cheap work power, a lot of companies are making their profits from East and South Asia but have the serious challenge of the language.

Employees from those regions face difficulties in understanding English, which is a communication barrier for them while working. Communication barriers can’t fulfill service expectations. IT companies try to make their services up to the mark avoiding communication barriers.

  • Expert Solution

To avoid communication barriers one should have to pay strict attention to clients expectations, needs. Straight forward from the beginning try to figure out project requirements. Documentation will help a lot, all project needs and requirements have to be in written format.

Company must resolve every single concern of the client within a certain time frame. Employees must be trained in language to avoid communication barriers while working.

2nd Challenge: Service Quality

Service Quality

Service quality is also one of the subjects of concern for so many companies. IT industries are always afraid of the quality mismatching while working with freelancers and outsource workers. It should be the biggest concern for IT companies.

Workers with imperfect skills can mistakenly write lots of incorrect lines, wrong codes, errors in security settings, and result in pushing the project in the cost over ratings. Project managers always face the problem of overcost expenses.

  • Expert Solution

Selecting research oriented staff augmentation gives extra benefits to industry. Manager would ask the company’s past clients for their feedback or reviews. Manager able to ensure about his working staff for qualification and work efficiency. Along with this manager can also check the service quality for his engineer, expert staff.

Managers can also check out from the internet and its personal experience contact network. Expert outsourcing gives the best service quality.

3rd Challenge: Improper Institutional Memory

This is the third challenge of staff augmentation that many of the IT companies are facing. Institutional memory refers to the present trends, knowledge of specific IT services that didn’t work in the past and suddenly it got the trend.

Actually it is the proper study of past performance of a company to update the plannings for now to achieve desired goals. More than average, IT companies face tremendous loss due to the young human workforce leaving their job due to lack of institutional memory.

  • Expert Solution

To overcome the challenge of institutional memory IT companies must have to cultivate this knowledge into their employees. Managers must have to confirm that the analytical data must be stored to use it in future.

IT employees must provide vital information about their work as well as responsibilities. Software like customer management systems plays an important role for tech support and management. These softwares help companies to track customers as well as it’s employees for better productivity.

Software that can track customers and employees record all the data of workers to tackle the business needs.

4th Challenge: Mismatch of Expectations

Mismatch Expectations

Proper development of software takes so much time to finish. It takes months, weeks and years also. Software development and it’s testing plays an important role to produce quality IT service. Sometimes expectations mismatch the service needs resulting in project failure.

Mismatching causes a lot of damage to money and to time. This could happen due to different ideas of manager and employees. Product doesn’t meet the desired quality leads to disappointment and threat to the project.

  • Expert Solution

It’s important for any IT industry to mention expectations clearly about any project. Industry managers should pay attention to the companies who believe their past works and give importance to client feedback.

During staff augmentation if an outsourcing partner is approached then project expectations must be in written documentation form for the proper communication as well as to avoid expectations mismatch.

Top IT companies discuss their project needs properly before starting the project to overcome this challenge. Overcommunication should be a good option for this purpose.

5th Challenge: Issues of Timezones

Issues of Timezones

In staff augmentation issues of Time Zones are the most common factors that IT companies want to avoid from the beginning. During staff augmentation outsourcing provides expert employees for the software related projects. These employees may come from different countries having different Time Zones. Time aspect puts a lot of effect on the final IT product so companies face this effect.

Timezone management becomes necessary for IT industries to avoid communication barriers.

  • Expert Solution

Easiest way to avoid this time zone issue is to hire employees from the same zones. This will allow the workers to manage their working hours without any issues. Timezone management helps to improve the quality of IT development and to achieve desired business goals.


For internal use IT staff augmentation is the best way to adopt business growth. Complete best quality software development helps businesses to rapidly adapt growth rate and profits. Managers have to manage the above mentioned challenges to run a smooth development process. IT companies have to select proper qualified work professionals at the time of their recruitment. All the required steps help to reduce various barriers in the IT sector so adapt these all. Thanks for being with us till the end.

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