Ultimate Guide : What’s A UX App Audit And Why Might You Need One?


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Ultimate Guide : What’s A UX App Audit And Why Might You Need One?

In day to day life, we use so many apps with the help of our mobile phone. Our daily shopping, food orders, payment transactions, banking chores, learning all we can do sitting at home only because of various websites and apps. This makes our life comfortable and easy.

There are a lot of mobile applications that sometimes encounter technical issues which cause it’s slow performance, less user visits and low usability. In this situation UX audit helps developers or businesses to overcome this problem and help to restore and restart it.

UX audit plays an important role while getting information about clients’ websites or apps. It is a useful tool for getting required information. UX audit is also said to be UX review. This audit goes through several steps of gathering useful information about the given app.

What is UX Audit or UX Review?

What is UX Audit or UX Review

It’s a simple task of gathering all the necessary information about a particular app or website to solve it’s encountered working issues. UX audit helps to enhance the performance of mobile applications as they were before. UX review provides data of website or application performance having problems of working properly.

UX Audit not only gets all the information but also recommends the best solutions to resolve those problems. It’s recommendations help us to eliminate all the unwanted factors from the website or app.

Duration of UX Audit

UX audit is a simple task which requires some steps to get proper information. The duration for UX audit depends upon time and the budget of the project. So, for some projects it lasts for two or three days and for some projects it will last for several weeks or months.

Reasons for Conducting UX Audit

Reasons for Conducting UX Audit

UX audit helps business owners in various ways for development and improvements. Some of the common reasons for conducting UX review are as follows.

  • For getting website/app information
  • To know the encountered issue
  • To get proper solution for improvement
  • To know overall performance
  • To enhance results of business
  • To get proper business analytics

Benefits of Conducting UX Audits For Business Owners

Benefits of Conducting UX Audits For Business Owners

There are a lot of benefits of UX audits for businesses. E-commerce sites especially need these audits from time to time. E-commerce sites face a lot of trends in their sales. These trends lead to slow down of users, low product sales, low usability and many other problems. UX audits help e-commerce sites to restart their business and to achieve desired business goals.

Another valuable benefit is that it recommends solutions for estimated issues based upon collected data. This makes the clearance about the client able to use those recommendations to run his business smoothly.

UX audit can transform your product and help to boost its market value and also help to attract potential customers.

UX audits benefit the increase in user engagement to your product. More customers will visit your site.

This audit helps you to determine the exact cause of low conversion rates.

Limitations of UX Audits

Limitations of UX Audits

UX reviews have a lot of benefits which are helpful for successful business but it has some limitations also. These limitations are as follows

  • UX audits consume time, these audits can go For several weeks depending upon the project.
  • When time extends, money for it also increases.
  • Needs determination and proper focus
  • Audit conducting officer also limits audits
  • Business audit budget also put some restrictions to the audits

Values of UX Audit to Business

For every business which includes websites and mobile applications it’s mandatory to have UX audits for better performance and productivity. UX review values up on the investment returns. There are so many reports which exclusively say that return of investment due to UX audits are comparatively more.

UX audits help to design the product in the proper way so the users buy it. Poor designs of the products leads to the loss in business so audits always help us for designs and makings.

A study on UX audit reports that businesses who believe in investing audits enjoy a lot of useful benefits.

Who Does UX Audits?

Who Does UX Audits

UX audits are beneficial when conducted with an effective team or group of members. Many of the companies build in-house teams for this purpose. This team observes business statistics and growth continuously.

Sometimes third party teams can be involved for UX audits. External audit teams are beneficial but come with more cost expenses. Compared to in-house teams, third party teams always give best results. UX auditing tools are also there to provide their best services remotely. Those tools are given below you will get to know that.

What Includes in UX Audits?

What Includes in UX Audits

UX audits are quality based analysis of the particular products of the businesses. Within the audit, research personnel analyze a wide range of aspects like usability, external appearance, product values. Also researchers review a product by taking various tests, interviews, surveys as we look follows

  • Stakeholders Interview

In every audit, interview with stakeholders is the first step in the process of auditing. Interview helps to understand the actual conditions of the company. Researchers conduct interviews and gather all the necessary information to find the solution. Company employees are the key parts to the audits because employees have deep knowledge about their working fields and they know the cause of problems occuring. This undoubtedly helps audits.

  • Analysis of Requirements

Requirements are necessary components for building a product. Proper Analysis of product requirements helps to find the key factor of encountered issues. Issues obtained from requirements can easily be deducted and solved for growth of the business. Creating recommendations by studying the requirements is a lot easier.

  • Surveys

Surveys of users on the business products help a lot in building recommendations. In an audit surveys are the informatives that gives various opinions about the products so this helps to create the long lasting solutions for businesses.
Interviews sometimes are costly to conduct so surveys are easily conducted and cost reduced alternately. These surveys do not need so many people or groups to organize this is also another benefit.

  • Trial and Error Audit (Heuristic)

By using this type of approach into the Audit business owners can get proper information about their product usability. By this type of Audit you will actually know the exact quality of your product. Heuristic evaluation helps us to evaluate the product quality and the ways to make it better.

  • Web Traffic Analysis

Website traffic also reveals the issues of maintenance. Bounce rates of websites give us the info of users expectations and visits of expected users. User engagement is also noticed by web traffic analysis. Website infographics can be obtained with the help of google analytics. Google analytics helps users to analyze the website content expectations. Businesses need this type of data in a regular manner to understand the trend and its approach.

  • Analysis Through Heat Maps

Heat maps also help us to analyze the content remarks. Basically these are the user interfaces which provide the information of user interactions with the content. Heat maps work with counting no of clicks, user movement and the content scrolling. These also help us to analyze content needs and improvement points.

Tools Used For Ux Audits

Tools Used For Ux Audits

Now you are better known about the UX audits and its importance to the business. There are various tools used for taking audits in a company that are as follows

  • Google Analytics, Firebase

Google analytics and firebase are the two business oriented UX audit tools. These are commonly used by so many businesses. These reports the excellent services by proper analytics. Firebase audits the mobile friendly applications while Google analytics audits various websites, webpages. Try one on another for better results.

  • UXCam

UXCam is also another auditing tool that works effectively. This is designed in the form of a combination that is able to improve the user experience.

UXCam allows users to heat map analysis, content statistics, recordings of sessions and much more. This tool provides all the necessary information about the user interaction with the product. Suggests how to engage the clients into the product. Well this is the need of every business today.

  • Hotjar

In UX research hotjar is a widely used tool for users. Hotjar is the combination of feedback as well as analytical tools. It includes all the tools which are useful for UX audits. This all in one tool offers analytics, recordings, polls, surveys and other services useful for UX audits.

  • UserTesting

The UserTesting tool is somewhat similar to Hotjar and UXCam. This tool gives analytics in the descriptive manner. It promotes the actual records of the user interactions which help the business in a better way.


UX audits are essential for every business as evolution of trends changes day after day. These audits help businesses to fix and overcome all the problems. Complete descriptive audit gives a proper report of needs, problems, sales, user experience, user engagement in the business. If you are a business owner then UX audits will help you to boost your business sales, so try it out !

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