10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer


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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Many of us are the business owners, who have developed their business from zero and now they have an established profitable business.

Some of us are on the way to build up an effective business by introducing all of the energies in it. If you are one of them then this article will surely help you in your business development and achieving your desired business goal.

Today, for any business it’s necessary to have a well developed digital technology. Mobile apps are one of them, for each and every business it’s mandatory to have mobile apps.

Mobile apps feel easy as well as convenient to the customers due to this reason they’re preferred more. At this stage making one of the best business apps is much easier. There are lots of mobile app development companies and agencies in the market. You can easily join one of them for the best services. But there is an issue, it’s not necessary that every mobile app development company provides good services to their customers.

To overcome this problem we have collected here couples of the questions that you can ask to mobile app development companies before hiring for your business.

1. Can you provide me with your previously developed apps?

A genuine company will showcase its previous app developments. App development companies always feel happy to share their good works with you. They will show you all the developmental aspects of the app as well as provide various new features that will help you in your app.

If the company refuses or denies to show you their previous work or portfolio then you can conclude that the company does not have previous clients, they never developed an app before, they don’t have experienced required professionals, maybe they are a startup company.

Another way to analyze a company is to visit the company’s website and go through reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings also provide the status of the company and its satisfied customers. App ranking is also important, you can get all the ranking algorithms on the playstore of that particular app development company.

2. Can you provide me with your previous clients list?

A good, experienced app development company always comes forward to share it’s previous customers with you for maintaining the transparency as well as reputation.

Direct contact with the company’s previous clients will definitely help you to choose the right company for your business app development. To the previous clients you can talk about the company, it’s services, Post developmental services, relations of the company with its clients during and completion of development, cost and much more.

In the same way if a company is unable to provide you with its previous customers list or their reactions and reviews of their apps then you can conclude that the company doesn’t have enough experience in app development. So You can shift to another app development company without wasting much time. Because experience is a lot more important in app development.

3. Do I know your app development process?

successful development of any mobile app comprises two most important aspects that are the time and money. For any app development time plays an important role for which a company must have to be coordinating and helpful with its employees. For proper communication and productivity, time management is necessary.

A good company always comes with a pre planned schedule for their clients app development. They are committed to work without wasting time. It also has the required calculation of the project cost so they discuss with you at the beginning about your project cost. Along with these you can also ask for the agile development as, Today agile development became necessary for the effective work. Agile development ensures the effectiveness of your app.

4. Can you explain to me your app development process?

It is necessary to get quality assurance of the app from the developmental company. An app without it’s testing can never be launched on a digital platform; in other words, it never succeeds in its goal completion.

Every mobile app development company must provide following components

  • Quality
  • Development process
  • Analytics of the app
  • Successful launching of app

There are a variety of steps in the actual development of a mobile app so you have to ask about the development process or steps so as to know about its various parts.

5. How skillful are your app developers, working on my project?

You have to make sure about the skills of developers who will be going to build your app. An experienced, skillful developer able to provide his best for your project so always try to know all the information. Every agency has developers with differences in their experiences. You can ask your agency directly for developer profiles. While asking for a profile following points must be considered,

  • Contact details
  • Bio or extraordinary skill or hobby
  • Work History
  • Previous clients
  • Skills
  • Personal practices
  • Social media profiles
  • Awards or achievements in that profession
  • Resume

By looking at these points you will find your best person or developer who will help you to provide the best app for your business.

6. Can you tell me about your coding standards and codings?

Every app development company follows some standard rules of app development like codings, frameworks. Codings are the programming concepts that help to build web applications or websites. Agency maintains those coding standards for its use in upcoming projects it has much importance in development.

If an agency does not maintain any standards of codings or frameworks then you can conclude that the agency is unorganized for the work they are doing. In that case you have the chance to change the agency for better project completion.

7. Will you maintain my app after its launch?

After the development of an app. It is launched on various platforms for users in other words the app is placed in the marketplace for actual business. Every mobile application needs maintenance or updates from time to time. Post launch app maintenance aspects are bugs fixing, updating, introducing new features, introduction of new functions.

For this reason your app development company must be always there for your app after its launch also. So make sure your app development company is able to provide you all the necessary work after its launch also.

8. Are you able to launch my app on various platforms?

App development has always been a crucial path. You will never know the importance, gain, productivity of an app before placing it in the actual market. For this reason sometimes app fail to fulfill the business and the development work is wasted a few times.

A good app development company will guide you for your business app. They will inform you of the probability of your app’s success in the market by doing market research. So look at the company’s terms and policies about post launch of apps.

9. How will you communicate or keep me in the app development process?

App development is a vast process that consumes a lot of time so there are so many aspects on which you can discuss with the company. iOS and Android apps have so many process figures in which you can talk. While in the making process you have to know about each and every part. A good app development company will inform or give updates to you from time to time. Proper communication helps you to know if your app meets your business expectations or not.

So ask this question to your app development company for proper transparency in the development process.

10. Did you understand my business model and its potential customers?

It’s most important that your agency must understand your business model properly and it’s probable or potential customers. A productive app will be made at the beginning of the development process discussing all the aspects of app development.

A good company firstly discusses all the aspects of your business it’s needs, customers, benefits and much more. So try to choose the best company for your business.


Selection of a proper app development company will provide you a lot of more benefits and help your business to grow at a high level. In the same way an unorganized, underrated app development agency will only waste your time and money. So select your app development company wisely by asking all the basic questions to the company about its process, benefits and other services.

We have discussed properly above, all the questions that must be asked before dealing with any of the company. Your developers have to be skilled, experienced. Company must provide support after its launch. Maintenance of the app should be provided from time to time. Technical issues, coding issues, bugs can be fixed from time to time.

In the end, a good agency helps you to grow your business. Ask all the above questions to your app development company if you get all the satisfactory answers then you can join that agency with a hope to be successful.

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