5 Tips and Hacks to Know About Instagram


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5 Tips and Hacks to Know About Instagram

5 Tips and Hacks to Know About Instagram

Instagram has become widely popular as an easily accessible social media application. It is extremely user-friendly and provides you with opportunities to interact with people from all over the world. However, you don’t have to limit yourself merely to the functions of Instagram.

There are some amazing tips and hacks available that will give you new experience. Read this article to learn about those tips and tricks that this app has to offer.

Useful Tips and Hacks of Using Instagram

Prevent Other Accounts From Knowing When You are Online

Instagram has a prominent feature called “restrict” which is unknown to many users. This prevents specific accounts from viewing when you are online.

Moreover, if the person you choose to restrict leaves a comment, only the restricted person can see the comment. Other accounts will not be able to view their comments on your posts. However, you can choose to view these comments by clicking on the “See the Comment” option. When you restrict someone’s Instagram account, you will not get any notifications when they comment on your posts or when they send you a private message.

You can easily bar someone from checking or viewing your online status. In addition, you can view the messages they have sent you without getting them to know about the same.

For restricting someone’s account on Instagram, you have to find and open their account. Then, click on the three-dot menu at the corner of your screen and select the “Restrict” option and follow the steps.

However, if you wish to block any person, you can do so easily by visiting their profile and opening the three-dot menu. Click on the “Block” option to block that person.

Save Your favorite Reel Soundtrack

The reels feature of Instagram has become quite popular. Everyone enjoys watching reels with different visual effects and audios. There are usually catchy audios of popular songs being used. You can save the reels that you like and can listen to them later on or use them for creating new reels yourself.

While watching reels, you can see the information for the audio of the reel you are watching currently. By clicking on it, you will reach the information page of that audio.

Select the “Save audio” option present on the information page. This will save audio for you. If you want to view or listen to these audios, you can do so by opening the three-line menu available on your profile page. Choose the “Saved” option on the menu. Now you can view your saved audios here in a collection folder.

Move Your Aaved Posts Collection Into Easily Accessible Folders

When you are scrolling through the app, you are likely to find something useful that you want to refer to later. People usually save such posts so they can view them later. However, if you just save a post, it gets saved under an “All posts” folder automatically. Over time, this folder fills up and it can be hard for you to find a saved post that you need.

If you frequently save posts on Instagram, a great hack is to save these posts into different collection folders so that you can find them easily. You can easily find these collections folders in your saved area. These collection folders are highly accessible and can save you some time as you do. not have to scroll through hundreds of saved posts to find one.

For creating collection folders for your saved area, you need to visit your Instagram profile. Select the three lines menus at the corner of your profile and select the “Saved” option. It is marked by a bookmark icon. You will find your saved posts here. Now, choose the “+” option to add new collection folders and name them accordingly. Now, you can easily sort your saved posts and add new saved posts in these different collection folders.

Unfollow Inactive Accounts

Instagram is quite beneficial in helping you identify certain Instagram accounts that you follow, but which are inactive. They even help you unfollow accounts that have probably stopped showing relevant content.

You can easily view a list of these Instagram accounts that you should unfollow by visiting your profile. You need to select the following option to view the list of the accounts you are following that you have “Least interacted with.” Instagram recognizes certain accounts that you do not interact with at all and list them accordingly. This list consists of accounts with whom you haven’t interacted within the last sixty days.

You should go through this list carefully and open each account. You can view their content and decide whether you want to keep following them or not. You just need to click on the “Following” option to unfollow them instantly.

Use Line Breaks

You cannot find the “Return” key on the default keyboard of Instagram when you try to post or comment on something. This can be quite confusing for new users as they won’t understand how to put line breaks. However, you can follow this hack to easily make the return key to make a line break. This would help you significantly in posting readable text instead of large walls of text.

You should click on the “123” character on your keyboard. You will reach the numeric menu. Here, you will see the return key. You can use this return key to add a line break wherever necessary and then return to the alphabetical menu on the keyboard to write the rest of the post.


Instagram is a widely used social media network. You can use Instagram for more than just using it to post your videos and pictures. Instagram has numerous amazing features which allow you to edit photos, use different fonts to beautify your posts, schedule when to post your photos and videos, etc.

However, many users are unaware of these awesome features. Read this article and put to effective use the features as discussed above to up your Instagram experience.

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