Kickass Proxy Sites List to Unblock Kickass Torrent

It is always good to use the original one, but it is rather better to use the version which absolutely looks the same as the original one and works safely at the same time. The same case is with the kickass torrents and its kickass proxy. Basically the meaning of proxy in laymen’s language is something similar or perfect matching but not the original one. There are various torrent websites available as an alternative for Kickass Torrents and work exactly the same way. Kickass Torrent was the website helping the peer to peer file sharing smoother and easier by providing magnet links and torrent files by utilizing Bit torrent Protocol.

Kickasstorrents is a torrent Meta search engine that was founded in the year back in 2008. From the year 2008 till 2014, because of various domain ban issues, they have changed various domains. It is also known as KAT which is mainly used for downloading purposes. It enabled millions of users to download original content and software for free. Users started using it on a huge number. As a result, the US government took off the website due to sharing of the pirated content. The makers told that there is nothing like pirated content that was shared, and they remove such content. But in the real scenario, nothing much happened. It was the main reason behind the shut down of the site.

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What is Kickass Proxy?

Basically, Kickass Proxy is the website generated to access kickass torrents. The main reason behind generating proxies is that there are various countries in which using kickass torrent is strictly prohibited. One cannot access these websites from the actual location. So, changing the current location of the user in order to access these websites was the only solution. The main motive of proxies is; it makes surfing look like from another location where it is not prohibited.

Kickasstorrents was totally washed off when the US government issued a seizure due to piracy issues. As a result, it was called off in the year 2016. The remedy for this is a kickass proxy. Basically, the proxy site allows access to kickass torrent to the people who cannot directly access the website due to country imposed laws and regulations. Proxy sites play a vital role in accessing the files which are blocked by many countries.

How does a KAT Proxy Site work?

The main benefit of using KAT proxy is; it changes the browsing location of the user. So, the possibility of blocking is least when you are using kickass torrents proxy site. The first query that hits your mind is the login and registration headache. Let me just clarify that kickass proxy does not need any login or registration.

Usually, proxy sites can be called a mediator between the user network and the desired site. These sites help in hiding users’ IP addresses by which the desired site can be easily accessed by the user. You can easily hide your IP address by using proxy sites and access the website easily. The kickass Proxy site has a powerful range which allows user to access the website more effectively without worrying about disclosure of the IP address.

There exist two ways of accessing any website; direct way and indirect way.  Websites which cannot be accessed directly due to country based rules and regulations Kat proxy helps to access that website in an indirect way. There are various alternatives available which can be used.

The kickass proxy list is given below

Kickass Proxy

The following kickasstorrents proxy websites that work properly:

Kickass Proxy Sites
Status Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online No Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online No Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Very Fast Yes Online Yes Fast Yes Online Yes Fast Yes Online Yes Fast Yes Online Yes Fast Yes Online

There are various other alternatives available if the given sites do not work. The most popular and used alternatives such as 1337x, Torrentz2, The Pirate Bay are described below with their detailed information.

Why use Kickass Proxy Sites?

Usually, torrent sites get blocked once it becomes popular and it is possible that you are not able to access certain websites as they are blocked at your current location. Kickasstorrent is one of the most popular websites largely recommended by the number of users.  As it is popular, it is blocked in many countries. The solution is, users can use kickass mirror sites. There are various mirror sites available with the different speed which can be used by a torrent user. KAT Proxy sites can be used to download torrent files.  Kickass proxy sites provide you a huge number of magnet links and torrent files that can be utilized in order to get the required content without any obstacle.

It is possible that some torrent sites cannot be accessed by the user as Internet Service Provider (ISP) of that respective location may have blocked those sites. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be used in such a situation which enables the user to surf the websites in a private and secure manner. Also, it enables access to restricted websites. VPN’s can be set up on iPhones, laptops, and Android phones.

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Features of kickass Proxy:

There are various features of kickass proxy listed below;

  • The first and very important feature of using a proxy, it allows a user to access the website anonymously.
  • It allows the user to access blocked websites. The websites are blocked at certain locations due to some banned stories. Kickass torrents proxy allows you to access websites by hiding your IP address.
  • Proxy sites work as an intermediary server which provides a user variety of resources for the particular website.
  • Its hides the actual location of the user as a result user can easily search for the website without any headache.
  • Proxy sites do not need any login or registration. One can easily download torrent files and magnet links by using the BitTorrent Protocol.
  • In order to download the required data from the website, it provides API.
  • Kickass torrents proxy is available in over 45 languages. It eases the access of proxy sites by non-English users as well. Having available in multiple languages, it automatically makes it popular and the best.

Best Kickass Torrent Alternative Sites List:

  1. 1337x: With the help of this Kickasstorrent Alternative site, one can easily download magnet links and torrent files by using Bit torrent Protocol. This alternative provides different number of games, movies, and applications. Careful access of this site is recommended. You can easily find the things you are wishing by using this kickass torrent alternative site as its search engine works smoother to find the exact torrent required.
  2. RARBG: This kickass torrent alternative website is known to be one of the best for searching for new information. This website was started in the year 2008 and it is used to ease the peer to peer sharing of files with the help of torrent files and magnet links. RARBG is banned in various countries such as India, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  3. The Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay is said to be one of the well-known torrent sites. It was founded in the year 2003. One can easily get eBooks, movies, games, various software by using this kickasstorrents alternative site. This website uses Bit Torrent Protocol with the help of which one can download, search magnet links, and torrent files. This site is available in 35 languages.
  4. TorLock: This website has a giant database by which the required content and information can be easily downloaded. Also, navigation of Torlock is easier as compared to other kickasstorrent sites. It helps users to navigate the most trending content on the daily basis. Torlock helps one to skip the fake torrents which can lead to blocking.
  5. Torrentz 2: It also contains a large database which helps a user to find the best torrent for the content or information required. Torrentz 2 helps in finding the crucial content which is not easy to find. As this alternative has a huge number of directories, finding content becomes easier.

Conclusion: If you want to have torrents downloaded, kickass Proxy sites can be used; which are available with a huge number of magnet links and torrent content in order to download your desire content. Using a proxy is very simple and effective as it only changes your current location and shows the location where that particular website is not blocked. After the shutting down of the website, there are multiple possible ways available by which you can easily access the blocked websites in your country only by changing your IP address. Nobody can possibly predict the future of these websites, but in the present mirror, proxy sites are the best solution available.

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