Best Spy App for Android Cell Phone in 2020


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Best Spy App for Android Cell Phone in 2020

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There are plenty of cellphone devices are available in the tech-market and mobile technology has evolved to the next level. The use of digital mobiles has become a norm over the last decade. Therefore, we used to see everyone is using contemporary phones with different models, colors, shapes, and with plenty of specs. The rise and the rise of cellphone technology has become a headache for certain communities. Therefore, they are looking forward to spying on mobile devices tablets. Almost 85% of digital phones are running with Android operating systems worldwide reportedly.

Who wants to spy on Android phones?

There are two communities those who are always in the search of getting their hands on the best spy software for cellphones. One is parents those who want to monitor digital phones to set parental control on kids and teens devices to make sure their online safety and from bad online habits. On the other hand, business owners want to track their companies provided cellphone devices to employees to keep them in the discipline in working hours. However, there is a third use cellphone user community that wants to clone their phones to shift the data from older devices into a new device. So, experts do believe that there is no other spy app mobile that can do the job in such an effective way.

What is Android Spying App?

spy app on Android phones

It is one of the best products of TheOneSpy that is been developed particularly for the surveillance of digital mobile devices running with the Android operating systems. Moreover, you can use it for the safety of children from online predators and prevent risky activities. User can also use the high –tech tool on employee’s business owned devices to keep an eye on their work performance in working hours and to deal with the fishy activities of the rogue employees. You can use it to protect intellectual property and prevent the goldbricking activities of employees to improve productivity.

You can install it on the target device having physical access on it and use its web portal to navigate its powerful features to upload the information running on the target cellphone device. You can use its features such as screen recorder, IM’s logs, IM’s VoIP call recording, block the internet, block incoming calls, block messages, view installed apps, web filtering, GPS location, call recording, email spy and last but not the least browsing history. In addition to that, you can chat with the customer service to know about further details and to resolve issues via live chat.


The cell phone monitoring app is compatible with the mobile and tablet devices running with the Android operating system. Moreover, it works secretly on target phones and uploads the information without them knowing. However, it works even on the latest OS 10 version and above.

How to get & Install spying software for Android?

When you have no other option but to monitor your children or employees to keep an eye on their activities on cellphones, then you need to visit TheOneSpy. Once you have visited the official webpage then you require getting a subscription. You will get credentials in response and you need to make a check on your email account. Once you have got the password and ID via email then you need to get physical access on the target mobile device. When you have got the possession of the device then get started with the process of installation.

 Once you have ended up with the installation process successfully then you need to activate it on the target device. However, while you are deal with the activation process, you will see a pop –up message on the screen. You can take its assistance and hide the icon of the cellphone surveillance software. Now you can use the credentials and activate the online control panel of the Android spy app. Furthermore, you can visit the powerful and advanced tools to monitor the target device to the fullest.

TheOneSpy Mobile spy app for android Features

Read Message

Parents and employers can get access to the target mobile device using text messages monitoring software using an online web portal and read sent and received text messages. Furthermore, you can track SMS and MMS messages.

IM’s VoIP call recording

Now use the web portal and activate the exclusive feature of TheOneSpy and then start the voice call recording of instant messaging apps running on the target device. You can record IM’s Voice calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, Lin, Vine, Hangout, and Skype. You can only record one-sided VoIP calls on Android devices.

IM’s social media

Now parents and employers can get access to the target device and further empowers you to track and monitor instant messaging apps logs using social media messenger monitoring software. Users can get the logs of text messages, chat conversations, audio-video VoIP call logs, and voice messages.

Internet History

Users can get access to the online web portal and activate the browsing history feature. It empowers you to get to know about all the visited websites with time stamp and further you can see the bookmarked webpages.

Call recording

Use can record all live incoming and outgoing calls phone calls using secret call recording software. You can record and listen to the calls on a cellphone device and further you can save the data on the internet.

Remotely spy

Users can use the online web portal and view installed applications, remotely block incoming calls, remotely block text messages, chat conversations, and block internet access on the target cellphone device.

GPS Location tracking

Users can use the cell phone spy app and get to know about the current and pinpoint locations of children and employees respectively. Moreover, you can track the location history of your employees when deployed outside the company’s premises and mark safe and restricted areas.

Track Email

Users can get access to all sent and received emails of Gmail on the target mobile phone device using an email tracking app.

Conclusion: TheOneSpy mobile spying software is the best tool for parents and employers to monitor kids’ and employee’s activities respectively.

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