KissCartoon Proxy & Best Alternatives Sites to Watch Cartoon Online


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KissCartoon Proxy & Best Alternatives Sites to Watch Cartoon Online


What Is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a renowned cartoon streaming site that is developed to watch movies in high-definition. It has a massive and well-managed library of cartoon series. One can search any cartoon easily as it comes with a flexible and quick interface. It is available free to the users and generates revenue from the advertisements. One can use ad-blocking extensions to block the ads.

KissCartoon – Features

Kiss Cartoon’s vital features are as under:

  • It has a massive collection of Anime & Cartoon shows.
  • Best Quality content.
  • Interactive web interface for fast & streamlined performance.
  • Quick Search Bar is available to save time.
  • It is very secure and safe.

Kisscartoon Proxy or Mirror sites

Due to privacy reasons, the original KissCartoon is not working that’s why some mirrors & proxies are available and work similarly to KissCartoon. Some of the proxies & mirrors are as follows:

S. NO.
Kisscartoon Proxy List
1 FastOnLive
2 FastOnLive
3 FastOnLive
4 FastOnLive
5 FastOnLive
6 FastOnLive
7 FastOnLive
9 Resource

Best KissCartoon Alternatives

kisscartoon alternatives can be used by users, some of the sites like kisscartoon with their features are listed below:


It is a torrent based anime website which allows users to download their favourite content in HD quality. Due to its interactive and fast interface, users import their favourite anime easily. It allows users to download unlimited cartoons and movies. It has a vast library of anime and movies. It has a responsive layout such that users can search for the latest movies on the home page.

  • High-Quality Streaming
  • No-Geo Restrictions
  • Massive Collection
  • Responsive and fast interface


If you are fond of animes then Gogoanime is the best alternative to KissCartoon. You can easily watch KissCartoon. This website is mainly devoted to cartoons and animes of different genres. Users can also download movies and cartoons easily. It helps the users to download shows as per their desired quality of the shows.

  • Massive downloadable content availability.
  • Content with subtitles.
  • Dubbed Movies.
  • In-built video player.


Animedao is the best alternative to KissCartoon. It has the most seamless interface for video interface. It also consumes low bandwidth. It allows users to choose the video quality, load rates, ease of usage, reliability, and content availability. It also serves cartoons with dubbed anime.

  • HD video quality.
  • Available free of cost.
  • Seamless streaming
  • Dubbed anime.
  • Available on almost every platform.


Kissanime is the best alternative to KissCartoon. It has a massive library of cartoons. It offers HD quality content of the Manga series. Users don’t need to Sign-up for watch the content. One can also adjust the quality of the desired content. Some of its features are here below:

  • In-built video player
  • Accessible on any platform
  • It is available free of cost.
  • Categorize data is available on the site.
  • Recordings are available on the sites.


It is one of the safest sites to enjoy movies and anime. It is the best alternative to KissCartoon. It offers subbed and dubbed movies and shows. It provides fast loading of content, Adjustable quality content, optimized UI & UX, and many more. It covers lots of content of all genres.

  • Massive content of different genres like comedy, thriller, top anime, and so on.
  • Best interactive interface.
  • Dubbed movies.
  • Adjustable Video Quality.


If you are a die-hard fan of amine then 9anime won’t let you down. It offers rich content with the adjustable quality. It has the Naruto series and other cartoons. The interface is very quick to access the contents. It is available free to the users. It also offers subbed and dubbed content which can be downloaded. Major features are here below:

  • It has an inbuilt player.
  • HD quality videos are available.
  • It has a huge database.
  • It can be accessed or available on almost every platform.


It is the best alternative to KissCartoon which offers a huge number of the best anime. Users can watch high-quality content for free. You will get the updated content from time to time. They offer an adjustable quality of the anime content. It has a smooth interface providing high-speed streaming of the content.

  • Massive downloadable content availability.
  • Content with subtitles.
  • Dubbed Movies.
  • In-built video player.


It is one of the famous anime that offers lots of movies, anime, cartoons, etc. Subtitles and dubbed shows are also available. It is one of the responsive and high-speed interfaces. High-quality content is also available. One can also adjust video quality while streaming the content. It is the best alternative to KissCartoon. Some of its features are as under:

  • It comes with an inbuilt player.
  • Adjustable and HD quality videos are available.
  • It has a massive database of anime, cartoons, movies, etc.
  • It is available on every platform.


Kyoanime is the best alternative to KissCartoon. It offers content of high quality and one can also adjust the resolution of the shows. It has a very good interface which helps to surf the videos without buffering. Some of its great features are here below:

  • Massive content of various genres.
  • Best interactive interface.
  • Dubbed movies with subtitles.
  • Adjustable Audio & Video Quality.


It is another alternative to KissCartoon. It has similar features to KissCartoon. It is a very famous site as it provides high-quality content free of cost. It is a very secure site for watching your favourite shows. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Availability on almost every device.
  • High-quality Downloadable content.
  • Can be accessed on any device.
  • It has an inbuilt video player.

Crunchy Roll

It is one of the finest alternatives to KissCartoon. It has all your loved amines and it will not let you down. It comes with a flexible interface for fast movement. It comes with high-quality content. You will get all the new updates regularly. It is available free of cost. Major features are listed below:

  • It also has an in-built player.
  • High-Quality Videos (Adjustable Quality).
  • It can be accessed on any of the platforms.


It majorly focuses on animes. If you are an anime lover then it is the best alternative. It also has Naruto and Astro boy. Its interface is very fast and smooth. It comes with a massive database with all the popular and updated content. This AnimeLab is available in New Zealand & Australia only.

  • In-built video player.
  • Huge Database.
  • Accessed on iOS, Chromecast, Android, and Windows.
  • HD Videos.

How to Download Videos From Kiss Cartoon?

To download videos from Kiss Cartoon, 3 steps are available and their steps are listed below:

Method 1: Using Screen Recorder

Using this way, you can record the kiss cartoon by considering the following ways:

  • Initially, open KimCartoon.
  • Now play any Cartoon.
  • Install any screen recorder software or if you already have then open it.
  • Go to its settings, set the recording area that will fit the playback window and check audio is playing or not.
  • Now, start recording by clicking the button REC.
  • After the recording of the cartoon, choose the icon “Stop Recording”.
  • Now Save the recording for future play.
Method 2: Download Cartoon Online

One can download the Cartoon by using the 3rd party applications, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your browser.
  • Open KissCartoon by adding the URL of the official in the search bar.
  • Start playing your favourite program.
  • Copy its link.
  • Go to the 3rd party websites on the same browser.
  • In the field, enter the copied URL.
  • Tap on the button “Enter”.
  • You can select the download video quality.
  • After that, click on the icon “Download”.
Method 3: Download using Downloader

Users can download the KissCartoon videos using the video download. One can follow the following steps to do so:

  • Initially, open KissCartoon.
  • Start playing a cartoon.
  • Get the link from the browser.
  • Now open the Video Downloader software. (If you don’t have any downloader software then download & install it)
  • Open it.
  • Add the link to the respective field.
  • Select the download video quality.
  • Choose the button “Download”.
  • After downloading it, choose the icon Finished.

Kisscartoon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How To Watch Cartoons For Free?

Ans. To watch Cartoons for free, go to the following sites:

  • WatchCartoonOnline.
  • Toonjet.
  • YouTube.
  • Cartoon Network HQ.
  • Cartoons On.
  • Boomerang.

Ans. It may work slowly due to the following mentioned reasons:

  • High traffic on the site.
  • In case, you don’t use VPN.
  • Virus or Malware attack.

Ans. The real site is KissCartoon. It was very popular among the people. It was shut down by DMCA but users can select alternatives.

Ans. Nowadays, lots of duplicate sites are prevailing. One can spot them by matching them with the original URL address.

Ans. Due to some copyright issues, the Kisscartoon site was shut down abruptly. It was shut down under the direction of DMCA. One can use different alternative sites to watch your favourite amine and cartoons.

Ans. Yes, it is legal.

Ans. Yes, Ad-Blocker works with Kiss Cartoon. One can download the extension of the ad-blocker and use it on your browser to block ads from popping up.

Ans. Yes, KissCartoon is safe and legal to use.

Ans. Some of the reasons to choose KissCartoon are here below:

  • Best Streaming quality.
  • Great UI Design to navigate easily.
  • Safe to use.
  • Offer Anime & cartoon content.
  • Powerful Search Features.
  • Downloadable content.
  • Free entertainment.

Ans. It does not have viruses. As the website use ads to get revenue and these ads can be affected by viruses and these can affect the PC by harming it.

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