Best Things To Post On Snapchat


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Best Things To Post On Snapchat

Best Things To Post On Snapchat

Hundreds of thousands of individuals currently view Snapchat. 6 BILLION videos would be seen today alone. So, if you haven’t yet joined the Snapchat bandwagon, now is the moment. The days of it being only a teen texting application are long gone.

It’s considered to be a brilliant and uncensored method of getting to understand individuals and expressing yourself. On Snapchat, I prefer to be incredibly odd. Whether you realize it or not, being on Snapchat is beneficial to your blog brand and is simply entertaining. Depending on what other highly effective Snappers do, here’s how you crush it on Snapchat.

Frequently Snap

Snapping regularly is the best method to be noticed, and that does not imply that you should do it every five minutes. However, the way Snapchat functions is that the most recent stories appear first. As a result, the more you use Snapchat throughout the day, the more likely you will be seen.

Share Some Behind-the-scenes Footage

People would like to feel like they’re receiving a unique or behind-the-scenes look no matter whatever social media channel we’re utilizing. You could give customers a special discount code (ask them to screenshot it) or show them something you’re working on.

Stickers Should be Used

Stickers, often known as emoticons, are fun to spice up your photos. You can even push and hold your stickers to make them move around on whatever you choose.

TBT follow-up

You could now #blessed with the Memories function, which allows you to pull old photos from your camera roll. Pick the silliest picture of you and your siblings and take a trip back when you were all in diapers.

Make a Remark

Allowing others to understand your favorite snappers is among the easiest ways to establish a reputation on Snapchat.

Please Keep it Simple

My fave snappers are the ones who don’t use that awful minimizing face filter all the time. They don’t always wear makeup, and occasionally they do. I don’t feel like I’m receiving a contrived “just when I look well” picture op, but rather a genuine view into their lives. The beautiful part with Snapchat is that you have complete freedom to express yourself and speak regarding your life.

Make Use of Geotags

Geo Tags identify a current location or event. Slide to view the numerous choices and Geo filters available when taking a photo or video. This lets others know where you are and what you’re doing. When events or places are chosen to be highlighted on Snapchat, utilizing these filters and uploading your story is a great way to get your tale noticed.

Filters Should be Used

Filters are a lot of joy, crazy, and strange. They’re entertaining to play with or, let’s face it, a great reason to take a picture. Don’t keep utilizing the same filter (I’m staring at you, gals who never stop applying the dog one.)

Make a Sketch

You could draw on your pictures with the pencil (and alter the color—hint: drag your finger across the screen to reveal secret hues!)

Have Fun with Your Meals

Any melted or filled food makes for a spectacular video. By slicing that sucker in two, you’ll be able to make all of your followers hungry.

Get More Followers by Sending Your Content to Other Social Media

Telling folks to follow you on Snapchat or Instagram, for example, is a fantastic idea. Alternatively, inform individuals that you’ve just tweeted something new and invite them to follow you on Twitter. I attempt to post various items on several channels and remind folks that they may find them in many locations.

Make Use of Your Colors

Colorful images are always more enjoyable to look at, so make those plain white lettering *splash* some more. Highlight the text you wish to edit and choose your shade using your color line.

Tips to Create Non-Sucky Snapchat Stories

Seriously, Keep Things Brief

People who are novices to Snapchat have a bias towards creating extended Stories. This is partly because they ignore their timer, but mainly because their lives are usually dull, and viewers’ attention spans are short.

When you’re speaking, keep your gaze on the camera.
When you’re shooting in selfie mode, it’s normal to check your screen to see if you’re looking well and if the shot or video is appropriately framed. However, suppose you’re speaking into the camera and not gazing directly into its lens during your story. Your viewers may become disoriented because your eyes are always slanted slightly away from them.

Shift Your Perspective

Filming stuff from the same viewpoint is a bad idea. Switch hands if you just shot a monologue while holding your phone above your head in your right hand, or put the phone below you and stare down at it for the next shot if you just shot a monologue while holding your phone above your head in your left hand. This would keep the visual appeal of your story high.

Emojis Can be Used as Props

You already know how to use emoticons in your text on the computer. Ideally, you’re also aware of another emoji layer: the one that appears when you click the little folded-paper icon next to the “T” in the upper-right corner of your screen. With these two tools, you can almost always discover methods to include big emojis into your Stories in engaging, photo-realistic ways.

Always Have a Topic or Theme in Mind

Good stories have storylines, as you undoubtedly learned even before you could read. Even if it’s as easy as making a sandwich, your Snapchat Story is about something. My daily commute, traveling, and drinking are some of my favorite topics (your mileage may vary). Your Snapchat Story, on the other hand, will be nothing more than a disjointed collection of random-ass moments from your day if you don’t have a theme.


Snap tale is complex because all of your strenuous efforts vanish after only 24 hours. So, if your story isn’t quite as incredible as you’d like it to be, try out some of these suggestions. Trust me when I say that your Snap game will be on fire.

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