ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website


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ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website

ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent is the standard name in torrent ecology and is widely considered to be one of the top torrent sites like Kickass and PirateBay. It started in 2006 and is very popular among those who prefer to download files, movies, and games using a peer-to-peer file sharing method.

ExtraTorrent contains a number of magnet link torrent links with a variety of content. One of the suitable structures for a torrent site can be searched slowly. When I type something into the ExtraTorrents search bar, I can’t find anything.

Like other torrent sites, it angered the ExtraTorrent watchdog and purposely shut it down on May 17, 2017. After the site went offline, a few torrent fans appeared and tried to duplicate the site or reflect the ExtraTorrent on the site.

ExtraTorrent.cd is one of the ExtraTorrent mirror sites that still exist today. Other regions have disappeared without suffering the same fate. Here we have simplified the list of ExtraTorrent proxy sites available in 2021.

How to make ExtraTorrent proxy sites and unblock ExtraTorrent?

The proxy site acts as a link between your connection and the target site you are trying to connect to. If you are using an ExtraTorrent proxy site, Internet propagation from your browser is routed through the proxy before reaching the ExtraTorrent mirror.

This will help you block ExtraTorrent and give you access to Extratorrent Websites even if your website is blocked in your region.

Why do I have to use the ExtraTorrent proxy site to unblock ExtraTorrent?

As already said, the Extra Torrents website was shut down after falling into the hands of copyright holders. Use the ExtraTorrent proxy server list to download content via torrent. Several proxy servers access the cloned ExtraTorrent site. There is no better way for ExtraTorrent to be unblocked. These additional torrent agents are unstable and too good to block.

So we have listed the ExtraTorrent proxy sites that work under our control.

ExtraTorrent proxy 1

ExtraTorrent proxy 2

ExtraTorrent proxy 3

ExtraTorrent proxy 4

ExtraTorrent proxy 5

ExtraTorrent proxy 6

ExtraTorrent proxy 7

You can use the list above to unblock the ExtraTorrents Website.

Using the Extra Torrents proxy

If the Extra Torrents website (Extratorrents.cd) is in a blocked area, you can use a proxy server to unblock ExtraTorrents and send torrents. I have listed a few ExtraTorrent proxies that you can keep.

If you don’t know how the proxy works, hide the proxy IP address listed by ExtraTorrent and the target site acting as an intermediate server can access the site without paying attention.

How to unblock ExtraTorrent using a VPN

If you live in a realm that bans torrent sites (like China and India), you can use a VPN to unblock additional torrents. Download the VPN software, choose a server in another country/region, and use one of the Extra Torrent proxies above. Go to one of the ExtraTorrent agents registered above.

If you don’t have an ExtraTorrent proxy site that works for you, you can copy the Kickass proxy list and Pirate Bay proxy list to view this torrent download.

How to unblock the ExtraTorrent

There are ways to unlock ExtraTorrent. You can use these three methods depending on your needs.

Method 1: Unblock the ExtraTorrent proxy via VPN.

Unblock the ExtraTorrent proxy via VPN

As above, VPN is the safest way to block ExtraTorrent proxy servers. There are many software and applications that VPN service providers can use.

So you can either take one of them or take it with you. However, before using a VPN app, you should determine whether it is worth helping you or for any other purpose.

Yes, some third-party application providers may use these applications to compromise your interests.

OperaVPN is one of the best VPNs I have ever used.

Method 2: Use Web Proxy to surf Extratorrent Proxy

Use Web Proxy to surf Extratorrent Proxy

A web proxy works as a web intermediary to access the web. It’s just like an operator, but it lets you keep your original identity secret. For example, if you are visiting a website without a web proxy then your data like your IP address, your location, and the time you have spent on the webpage can all be followed.

Method 3: Access ExtraTorrent via Tor Browser

Access Extra Torrent via Tor Browser

Tor Browser is the third-best option if you want to use the internet while hiding your original identity. Tor browser is different from the regular browser, as it helps you to hide your original IP with 3 or 4 Tor IP addresses. It is used by programmers to examine any particular website. You can download this from either the Google Play Store or their official website.

Of these, why can the additional current be used continuously?

The question “what happened to the extratorrents” is on everyone’s mind. One of the biggest torrent sites in the world unexpectedly quits.

The shutdown of ExtraTorrent could be due to several reasons which we believe relate to lawsuits and the possibility of litigation, as this sudden action created a vacuum for fans in the online entertainment arena.

The area in which ExtraTorrent exists as a mirror is completely resolved and space remains in its place. This site was badly damaged and 3 sites were lost in November 2015. The next big failure was that registrants closed their main domain in March 2017.

After years of building a huge user base and indexing capacity, many torrent sites have been shut down. It could mean that we are approaching an era of torrent shutdowns.

But do not worry! We have kept a collected list of sites so that you can always access the powerful ExtraTorrent with ExtraTorrent proxy.

Alternatives of the ExtraTorrent

Alternatives of the ExtraTorrent

Here we have collected the best alternatives to the ExtraTorrent site. You can use them for the same task.


If you want to download movies and other interesting content, you can use Yify instead. Just open a secure proxy server and search for the movies you need.

Well, the Yify agency is specially designed for Hollywood moviegoers. If you want to download old movies or newer movies, with this one Yify recommends.


The 1337x torrent platform is one of my favored torrent sites. I use the 1337x website every time I download a movie or game.

So let’s continue the story of 1337x. The original version of the 1337x dates back to 2006. After the Kickass torrent site closed in 2016, this version became more popular.


The RARBG website uses the BitTorrent peer protocol used in 2008. For this simplicity so far, RARBG has the highest trending index on other sites.

RARBG provides the best graphical user interaction and navigation. That’s why people stay in touch with the RARBG website.


PirateBay is a torrent site with an index of digital entertainment media. With The Pirate Bay, there is no longer a chance.

PirateBay was launched in September 2003 using the BitTorrent peer transport protocol. PirateBay continues to grow as it is the most active tourist after the Kickass Torrent site.

Find a movie or web series, including download links for The PirateBay.

Search for content in 35 different languages on The PirateBay. Pirate Bay is mainly in English and Swedish.


Today Limetorrent is the best and most harmless torrent site that can bring you the latest trends with rare ads and pop-ups.

Yes, one of the most essential reasons for a website’s success is its simplicity. It is unthinkable that Limetorrents website has a simple interface and a user-friendly environment.

Proxy server and mirror – what is it?

Torrenting itself is an important activity that allows people to download movies of their choice online and watch them for free. However, not only is torrent costing the film industry billions of dollars, but torrents are banned in several major countries in order to provide free jobs. Some torrent users use free proxy sites to block output and give them free access to unknown online movies. Many users use ExtraTorrent ag (mirror site of the main torrent site) to hide it and keep it safe.

Conclusion: This can be used for the ExtraTorrent proxy and the ExtraTorrent unlock process. This article presents a list of ExtraTorrent proxies for easy access to the ExtraTorrent Website. Also, check out the best alternatives like ExtraTorrent proxy sites with features like ExtraTorrent cc.

We hope this guide helps you know how to unblock ExtraTorrent with the help of the list of ExtraTorrent Proxy sites. Have a question or a problem with Extratorrent? If so, please share your thoughts with us in the “Comments” section. We will be happy to help you.

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