ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website


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ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website

ExtraTorrent Proxy

Extratorrent proxy site is genuine as well as most popular mirror site. This site will help you in exploring series,movies,tv shows, recently released music , latest movies and much more. Extratorrent was launched in the year 2006 and rapidly became famous because of its features. Extratorrent allows you to download latest released music, movies, files as well as games by P2P method of sharing.

In recent few years a lot of torrent sites were down and can be accessed by only proxy, VPN. In this case these extratorrent proxy sites provide great access to the original site by using the unblock extratorrents process. With use of these sites you are free to search for the latest movies,music and much more.

You will be surprised knowing this extratorrent proxy site is fully capable of surfing whatever you want? These proxy sites are fully loaded with torrent, magnet links for a variety of content. Extratorrent proxy site comes with the best feature called advanced search functionality. This feature allows you to explore everything without having issues.

If you are interested to know about these proxy sites ,their search engines, proxy mirror list, extratorrent unblocking, free access, downloading extratorrent files,etc. Then this piece of article is for you only.

So, without wasting time get to know more about extratorrent proxy sites.

Let’s Discuss Extratorrent Search Engines

Extratorrent search engines are having extremely short planned working processes. You are able to get any latest ,freely available content here at high speed with high quality. Extratorrent site has one of the best features of post that gives the latest updates, information.

It helps to provide high quality content such as 720p , 1080p. So, we can easily say that this tool is useful for finding famous torrent content in an easy way. The basic and important thing is extratorrent proxy has easy and fast access to high quality content with less loading time as well as any access to internet connection.

Access Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror List (September – 2022) 

Extratorrent Proxy

Extratorrent proxy sites are the mirror or replica of the main extratorrent site. This seems to be only a replica but contains all features the same as the main site. You can use these extratorrent proxy lists or mirror lists if you are not accessible to the main site in your country. These are 100% working sites in this year 2022 just click the link and surf around.

The best working extratorrent proxy list or mirror sites are as follows:-

Extratorrent Proxy List
https://extratorrents.ch/Very FastOnlineOn
https://extratorrent.st/Very FastOnlineOn
https://extratorrent.unblockit.cat/Very FastOnlineOn
https://extratorrent.proxyninja.net/Very FastOnlineOn
https://extratorrent.proxyninja.org/Very FastOnlineOn
https://ww7.extratorrent.cyou/Very FastOnlineOn
https://ext.torrentbay.to/Very FastOnlineOn
https://extratorrent.mrunblock.fun/Very FastOnlineOn
https://extratorrent.proxybit.cfd/Very FastOnlineOn
Extratorrent Proxy 11Very FastOnlineOn
Extratorrent Proxy 12FastOnlineOn

These extratorrent proxy mirror sites developed by talented coders,programmers working consistently to provide best services. As this site has restrictions in nations so that they are continuously changing their domains to provide services even after restrictions.

Why Use Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites?

Getting all this information about these extratorrent mirror/proxy sites you have one question : why do we use these sites? What is the purpose of these?. The answer is quite simple : In some countries the main extratorrent site is blocked for users so that for accessing and exploring the internet we have to use some mirror sites. These sites are called extratorrent mirror sites. Now you have the answer to this.

To Know About Extratorrent Unblocking

Sometimes the site runs while surfing but it blocks only you then you have to use some other methods to use extratorrent proxy sites and unblock extratorrents.

Tor browser

Extratorrent Unblocked by Tor Browser

This is the private network called tor. In this method computers connected together for sharing of bandwidth as well as exploring the internet. You can easily use the Tor browser to unblock extratorrent proxy sites. you have to enter the URL in the TOR browser search bar by pressing enter you are easily accessible to that site.

Using VPN

For unblocking any of the sites we use proxy sites. But these proxy sites are insecure for us as they pass personal information forward. This never happens in VPN. VPN does not pass any information or encrypted data. There are so many VPN available such as TOR guard,Nord VPN,Expressvpn ,Cyber ghost, etc.

Get Info of Public DNS for Extratorrent Proxy Sites.

Public DNS is one of the most common methods in accessing extratorrent proxy sites as we described above. Local DNS blocks extratorrent proxy sites for some time. For unblocking these sites we have to replace local DNS with public DNS. These public DNS are available on the internet.

DNS Advantage


Open DNS

Norton DNS

Google DNS

DNS resolvers

Alternative Sites for Extratorrent

Alternative Sites for Extratorrent

Same as with extratorrent sites there are so many other sites for users.  These sites also provide high quality content to users. Users are always afraid of malicious software, scripts of cryptocurrency malware ,etc. So that some of the safe and secure extratorrent alternative sites are as follows.


RARBG is the largest site hosting the latest content such as music,movies,tv shows. It also hosts software , games as well as adult content. RARBG provides its content in a variety of bitrates , resolutions like DVD rip,Blu-ray, SD to 1080p and much more.

RARBG gives a brief description,screenshots,clean layout,covering art, and also relevant information for content . These are its features.


1337x is another torrent site that provides magnet links and files by bit torrent protocol. This was launched in 2007. It is said to be one of the best stylish sites which provides fresh ,latest content to users globally.

1337x is the main domain of this site with this there are also backup domains for this site which are said to be proxy mirror sites that help users to find the best content.

The Pirate Bay

Pirate bay is one of the torrent sites that allows users to download the latest content to users. It provides content like music,movies, shows, ebooks, in about 35 languages. In 2018 this site got some restrictions so that it’s mirror domains get available for users. If you face such a problem in accessing this site then you can use proxy mirror sites of this pirate bay main site.

Torrentz2 Site

This site rose after the shutdown of the main site i.e. torrentz.eu. After some time this site became popular with users. This site has a metasearch engine that integrates millions of results searched from a variety of torrenting sites. Now torrent z2 is safe and legal as it does not carry or store any torrent files in it.


Yts torrent is the version of ytfs torrent. This Bittorrent distributes free large no of movies. This site provides video content in hd quality with small file size. So that this attracts many of the users. This is the famous torrent site for downloading the best quality movies in a variety of language subtitles.


Torrent Download is said to be a new age site with a metasearch engine. It has torrents categorized in a variety of categories. In the UK this site is blocked due to a court order. No further banning of this site in other countries at this time.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass torrent is a secure and famous site among users. This is one of the fastest sites to scan all your material, music, movies and much more. You can check the best reviews of more than 150000 users of this site. These reviews help you to find what you are looking for in exploring this site.


Torrent9 comes with the best user interface that makes it unique as well as accessible compared to other sites. You are free to browse any kind of material like movies, music, tv shows and a lot more. While using it you never face any issues because of its design. This site is smooth as you are able to contact user support staff for any advice or help. Torrent 9 is the same as to extratorrent proxy sites which helps users stream various content.


If you are looking for the best torrent experience then above mentioned extratorrent proxy/mirror sites are very useful for you. You can enjoy surfing the internet using these extratorrent mirror sites. If you face some problems in searching then you are able to use alternative sites of extratorrent. There are so many alternatives to extratorrent but some genuine and popular alternatives we discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Using extra torment for personal use is legal but if you are distributing downloaded files as well as making several copies without owners permission. This is said to be illegal.

Ans: Whenever we access torrent sites we have to use VPN for safe and secure search. You can access your site in restricted areas with the help of a VPN.

Ans: Extratorrent was the site that provides entertainment content and software. Before shutdown it was the site scoring top in torrent indexes in the world.

Ans: Accessing extratorrent is now illegal in some countries so that we have to use a VPN for accessing it.

Ans: Yes, VPN is necessary for a safe and secure search.

Ans: there are so many extratorrent proxy mirror sites we mentioned above. Some alternatives to extratorrent are also available.

Ans: Yes, all extratorrent mirror sites are working but having restrictions in some nations in that case VPN used for accessing it.

Ans: We have to use a VPN for accessing these extratorrent proxy sites as blocking is common for these sites.

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