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Kissanime Proxy & Mirror List | Kissanime Alternatives Sites


KissAnime was a website which acted as an approach to providing Japanese film and television animation, particularly aimed at grown people as well as children. It ventilated links and embedded videos, permitting people to stream or download movies and TV shows illegitimately for free.

Kissanime Proxy & Mirror List

Because of the popularity of anime series and shows there are many sites working in this business now. Anime is not just loved in Japan but now the whole world has become a fan of it. There are several kissanime proxy and mirror sites like,,,, kis ANIME, etc here is the complete list of working kissanime proxy & Mirror SItes:

S. No.
kissanime Proxy List
1 FastOnline
2 FastOnline
3 FastOnline
4 FastOnline
5 FastOnline
6 FastOnline
7 FastOnline

Best Kissanime Alternatives Sites

Kissanime alternatives - Sites like Kissanime

Kissanime was one of the most popular and loved websites for online anime shows and movies. But due to some legalities it just got shut down very early, which made viewers switch their preferences to many other websites and platforms to watch their favorite anime. This gave other sites a great opportunity to outshine and some of such platforms even proved to be better than Kissanime. This made users forget Kissanime and gave them a better yet interesting experience in watching their loved anime shows and movies. Here is the best Kissanime Alternatives or Sites like Kissanime:

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is one of the largest Anime platforms, watched all over the globe, with over 50 thousand anime and over 20 thousand mangas. It is a free of cost platform operated by the anime fans. It is a great anime watch website and is famous for some of the great anime like, Fruit Basket the final Season, Attack on Titan 3rd Season: Part II and many more.


Crunchyroll anime

Crunchyroll is another very famous and well-known distributor of world’s most watched anime, dramas and mangas. Crunchyroll is a website to watch online anime such as, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tale, and more.


Animelab is a well-known anime streaming platform with over 700 anime movies and web series, mangas, etc, which is basically providing services in Australia and New Zealand market places. Some most watched shows in animelab include Demon Slayer, One Punch Man S1 & 2, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Season 2, Gleipnir, My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket.



Then comes Gogoanime, which again is an anime stream platform but gogo is also famous as it is an anime download website as well. anime lovers just love this platform because they cannot just watch their favourite shows but can also download them for free. Some of the shows which make GOGOANIME this famous are, Erased, Food wars, Blade of immortals, Nana, Code Geass, Prison School. Samurai X, etc.


9Anime is one of the best platforms to stream anime online. It provides the viewer with various options and features such as customizable quality options, data save modes and many more for better customer experience and letting them watch as per their personal choices. There are many series and shows one can watch here, such as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Cowboy Bebop Your Lie in, Dragon Ball Super, April, Gurren Lagann, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal, Alchemist: Brotherhood, Berserk

Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven

Anime heaven is one of the best websites available online, where all the shows are absolutely free for the viewers. There is no hustle like downloading, survey etc instead there is instant premium streaming of the shows. They provide you with the latest online anime series. It is also mobile friendly. Best series to watch are subarashiki kono sekai the animation, Shinigami bocchan to kuro maid, kogeki shoujo, mahouka koukou no yuutousei.


it is the site which seems to be the direct reflection of the kissanime website. There are two modes of this particular website which are dark and light mode which is upto the convenience of the user. It also facilitates the user to read and save the comics easily and also have the option to share it to emails and Facebook. Most popular series to read on kissmanga are Manganelo, Mangaupdates, MangaDex, Manga Panda, Merakiscans, etc.



This is the most famous and known anime streaming website. It is also known as anime freak or you can say anime freaks or anime freak tv. This website provides you with interesting anime content which is absolutely free for the users. The user does not have to pay a single amount to watch it. Only the user needs to have a good internet connection for the good experience. Most popular series to watch on it are fairy tale, bleach, one piece, naruto, air gair, hunter and hunter etc.


It is the English dubbed free online website to stream on. The main categories in this are action, drama, comedy, historical, romance, demons, supernatural, schools etc. they also guarantee that children under age of 12 can also stream and have better imagination. This site is free for the users. Best to watch this are Chihayafuru, demon slayer, wotakoi, one piece, barakamon, violet evergarden etc.



This website is somewhat similar to Netflix, this offers you the videos shows and except anime. It also has a very vast collection of anime which provide you with all the genres of anime on this website. There are no ads, and they have very high quality content. The user can stream anytime and from anywhere. Popular show to watch and download on AnimeFlix are Netflix Abominable (2021), Wolfboy and everything Factory (2021), Wanna be the strongest in the world, Horimiya, one piece, etc

KissAnime Popular Categories

Kissanime has many popular categories like comedy, horror, mystery sports, demons, kids, romance, supernatural , fantasy,music ,samurai , vampire.

Why Was KissAnime Shut Down?

KissAnime internal team declared that the shutdown was due to Japan’s clampdown on copyright infringement. Kissanime websites also ceased to work. In abidance to the country’s legislation, all files and episodes on were pulled down by corresponding copyright owners.

FAQ Related to KissAnime Website

Ans: Reach on to the KissAnime, hit the episode icon you want to download, and then you will get the Video icon turned eye catchy. Simply get through the icon and the video you picked will become visible in the pop-up window

Ans: There were many aspects which made the platform so famous. Like great collection of various series and shows, great library, feature of self-hosting, no interruptions via ads.

Ans. No, that’s not true as Kissanime does not carry malware because if anybody visits the legitimate Kissanime webpage then the person’s tool will never be infected with a virus and malware. This kind of false information was generated from a diverse number of kissanime mirrored sites that restrained virus and malware to computers, laptops and phones.

Ans. KissCartoon is a free running site that holds thousands of admired animated and peppy television shows and movies. They basically proclaim various U.S. cartoons, movies, and some anime. The capacious excerpt of content is fascinating for those who love to be entertained by cartoons.

Ans. Do operate a genuine website as kissanime is a felonious and an unsanctioned website, their servers are extremely cheap and slow. If a person uses a website like Crunchyroll or Funimation he/she can get much faster speeds and also sky- high quality videos.

Ans. Kissanime is good as it has a boundless library for free and keeps an eye on your progress through shows.

Ans. Kissanime.Ru is the most credible of all the other live- streaming platforms for anime series. This carte-blanche website furnishes every anime affectionate with an astounding locus to watch all the unalloyed anime shows or movies without paying any money.

Ans. It is not permissible. They do not have the streaming entitlements for Anime. Nevertheless, admissibility mainly depends on the legal sovereignty a person is in because some places don’t classify Anime as production quality content.

Ans. A person is not entailed to enlist. It provides anime in non-identical video qualities. The KissAnime site provides anime videos both in English translation and subbed versions with extraordinary High Definition nature and sound.

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