Seven Tips To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster


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Seven Tips To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

Seven Tips To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

A mobile phone is one of the finest inventions by humans in this modern era. In the starting period, mobile discovery was solely for communication. And it did prove its worth in the field of communication. As the prequel mobile phone reaches its ultimate height, the market demands its sequel. Then the sequel continues, which now comes to the smartphone era. As technology increases, the invention of new varieties increases too.

Smartphones, however, have the ability to wrap up the whole world in the form of a chip. There is no denial in saying that we wake up and sleep with the mobile phone. With android mobiles, we don’t have to be physically present in one place to acquire the source. We can attend meetings, classes online, work from the home, shop, etc. All we need is the internet, which we have in our hands as our android gadget. The application of android is getting dramatically stronger over the passing days, hence its new inventions too.

Android Lagging

Android mobiles are also like common machines. Like our human body, mobile phones drain in no time if overused. The only difference is that they can’t voice out their problems like we humans do.

Following are some of the reasons as to why and what makes a mobile phone hang or lag:

1. Malfunctioning Apps

Recently android mobiles have come with in-built apps, which we may or may not use for a long time. Some applications that are not in use for a long time need an update. If the application is not updated, too, it may work against your mobile phone. This is the main reason for the slow down of your mobile. And some apps that are wrongly coded can also contribute to lagging.

2. Inadequate Memory

RAM is the Random Access Memory of all mobile phones. The speed of your actions and the number of apps you run are solely performed by RAM. Each mobile has its designated range of RAM. Your running apps fill the RAM with its codes continuously. RAM clears the unnecessary data to make additional space for you to use the device. But running an application that exceeds your RAM capacity will slow down your mobile function and cause lagging.

3. Lack of Internal Storage

Every mobile phone has its allocated internal storage. You can store as much data as it allows. But if it reaches its edge, it will show a popup notifying “storage space running out.” However, you can resolve the problem by clearing some space. It still creates some lagging in your device working. Prolonged use of some real-time apps like Facebook and Instagram will download automated files that occupy your device’s storage.

4. Over-gaming

You can play a number of games on your mobile. But there should be some time limit. Continuous playing may heat up your device and its processors. Some processors are heat-sensitive depending upon their metal. It may also lead to lagging.

5. Postponed Software Update

Your software will work peacefully for some amount of time. You have to keep upgrading it to work smoothly. Pending software updates may also be one of the reasons for mobile phone lagging.

Tips to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

If some problems lag the function of your android device, there will be some solutions too to fix it. The following are some of the tips to make your android phone function faster:

1. Freeing the Storage Space

Storage space running out will be the first and worst problem that causes your mobile to stop functioning properly. However, your phone’s RAM clears some space automatically to provide some space, but it will only last for a shorter period. You can always clear the storage space by deleting some unwanted files and data from your device. Also, by deleting cliches of certain applications in the mobile phone’s settings, some space can be saved.

2. Unwanted Apps

Your phones may have some unwanted apps occupying the storage space. One reason being, some applications also run continuously in the background without one’s knowledge. This may severely affect the smooth functioning of the device. By deleting such apps, you can upright your device to some point and improve its capacity.

3. Restart

Restarting your device occasionally would help boost the performance. In case, you have the mobile data pack but are not able to get faster internet access, you can restart the device, which helps you to increase the speed. It suits other sources, too, like accessing files from drive or uploading files.

4. Lite Edition Apps

The specialty of lite apps is that they have limited RAM storage. Some multinational companies provide various lite and go apps nowadays. Popular apps such as Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, etc. are some of the examples of lite apps. You can still enjoy the same as in the original app without thinking much about the storage space running out problem.

5. New Software

If the lagging continues for a long time and you don’t settle down for any precautions, you can try upgrading your software because software is the main tool that guides various parts of the device. The device recovery will be downregulated if the software slows down its function. Updating your software at regular intervals is highly recommended.

6. Resetting the Device

Resetting defines cleaning your device and turning it into the one you bought. That is, free of data, storage nil, no contact list, no gallery, zero evidence of your usage. It is one major way to boost your device, which consumes rather extensive work. You can backup all your needed data and files if you want to reset your device. Device reset will surely increase its functioning..

7. Animation Speed

By changing the animation speed in your device, you don’t fully increase the speed of your system function, but it will surely create an opportunity for the device to pick the speed. It is not a direct action to boost the function but can play a great role. Try changing the animation speed on your device.


Now you must be having a better understanding as to why your device suddenly starts lagging. And, the next time you find yourself juggling with such issues, you know what to do.

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