6 Best Payment Plugins for WordPress Sites


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6 Best Payment Plugins for WordPress Sites

Best Payment Plugins for WordPress Sites

Choosing a payment plugin can be a tough choice as there are many options, and you have to choose the best which fits your needs and is hassle-free for your users. Even if it is services, an online store, or a donation making a payment on your WordPress site should be a convenient experience for your users.

Choosing the wrong payment plug-in will disturb the payments, and at the same time, you’ll lose your users, so make sure your audience has a convenient experience; you should pick the suitable payment plug-in for your WordPress site.

In this post, we’ll take you through some of the best payment plugins for the payments on your WordPress site, so make sure you make it to the end.

What is a Payment Plug-in for WordPress sites?

The payment plug-in can be understood as a payment gateway where you’re setting up a payment method for every transaction on the website. WordPress makes it easy for you to connect the payment method as you have to choose a suitable payment gateway and plug it into your website so your users can make the payments to your websites. There are different purposes for attaching the payment plugins but choosing the right one will provide secure transactions and good benefits.

The most important element while choosing a payment method is to look for the security and ease of payment gateway as it’s going to be an essential factor where your customers are going to enter their payment details, so make sure the plugin is safe and trustworthy for your customers. Some of the crucial features you’ve to consider while choosing the payment plug-in are :

  • Multiple Options: An essential element you need to look forward to is the plugin’s payment gateways. There should be different payment methods for your customer to choose from.
  • Security Provides: One of the most important things is the security of the transactions.
  • Confirmation Access: The confirmation mail and SMS are one of the best ways you can build trust with your audience. The notifications and alerts for the owner and customer will ease the process.
  • Payment Info and Refunds: The transaction history in your dashboard and refund policy arrangements should be included.

6 Best Payment Plugins for WordPress Sites

1. WPPayForms

The first and one of the most used payment plugins for the WordPress site is WPPayForms for secure and reliable payments. The user interface is super easy, and you’ll get easy access to the plugin. The plug-in gives you access to stripe integration for accessible mode, and if you want the paid version, you’ll get one more integration that is PayPal. By using the premium version, you’ll get access to two payment gateways which makes it easier for your customers to pay.

You can get all the information about the plugin in the documentation section and they charge $59 for a single site license for a year. Regarding their features, you’ll get multiple payment gateway methods to support secure payment, a shortcode facility and form builder for costs, an easy check-out process, and payment form submission

2. Stripe Payments

The second payment gateway is the stripe payments plugin which is easy to access and has a consistent shortcode facility that makes it easy to set a payment method. Stripe payments are reliable and can be used for credit card payments. Stripe payments are offered with advanced features, but the best thing is to inspect all the prices on your website using this plug-in and its easy setup.

This is a stripe-based payment gateway which is free and can be installed without any charges. Talking about its features, it includes CCS support, configured products, accepting donations, the buy now option and many more.

3. WP Simple Pay

WP simple pay can be your choice as it’s a freemium plugin which allows you to make payments through cards which are processed by stripe. It’s a good plugin for your websites as it has an easy interface and comes up with different features like creating unlimited forms, easy setup and multi-language options. Along with it, you get good support from the stripe connect. The premium version includes customised payment confirmation, coupon codes, and subscription integration.

The premium is available for $49/year for personal and $99/year for business.

The features they provide aren’t a lot, but it’s a reliable and suitable option as they support mobile-optimised payment forms for your business.

4. WordPress Stripe Plug-in

Another plugin for your WordPress website is the WordPress stripe plug-in which is free to use, and you can easily set up without any charges. This plugin can be accessed from your phone, and you don’t need any external help for the instalment. You’ll get an optimised payment form design, and all the payments are encrypted, which means your customer data will be secured, and the best part is there’s no cost at all; you can easily set up and access it for free.

Talking about its key features as it supports credit cards and donations easily. The plug-in supports currency codes and is available for different country zones. You don’t need to pay anything, and you’ll get access to every feature the company offers.

5. Fluent Forms

One of the best form builders and an excellent option for your payment is fluent forms which provides a premium version where you can accept stripe and PayPal-based payments. The fluent form is known for its versatility in building different forms. You get access to create registration and payment forms using this plug-in.

The user experience is pretty good with fluent forms, providing unique features. You can charge for every service you provide and get access to many features. This makes this plug-in easy to set up and unbeatable.

6. Multipay

One of the best options you can go with is multiplay which offers you stripe and PayPal-based payments, and worldpay payment gateway, which means you’ll get three payment gateways using one plug-in. Multipay makes it easy for users to make payments aligned with it and the interface is quite simple and easy to access.

Talking about its key features, the multipay supports easy calculations, and it’s MailChimp supported. You get support for marketing campaigns, and it’s easy to use. You can consider this plug-in if you’re not expecting any advanced features and you want a simple and reliable option.


Some of these are paid, and some are free so make sure you consider everything per your requirements. We hope you find this helpful and received value from this.

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