9 Simple WordPress Security Tricks For Beginners in 2022


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9 Simple WordPress Security Tricks For Beginners in 2022

Simple WordPress Security Tricks For Beginners

While running a successful WordPress site, there are always major concerns about its security. A successful website also comes up with a lot of security issues due to its high traffic and high quality content.

One of the studies says that WordPress sites are more attempted to hack than many other sites. So, care should be taken by adapting some of the greatest security features for your site.

WordPress is widely used website developing software so it has some inbuilt security settings as well as top most plugins. Even though you must have to try some of the best WordPress security features to protect your site from expert hackers.

Are you looking for the tips and tricks that will help you in securing your website ? Then here are all the tricks that will help to protect your site from various malware’s, so let’s get started.

9 Best Tips for Protecting Your Website

1. Creating the Strongest Password

It is mandatory to keep your username and password unique so that hackers cannot reach your site. If your website password is weak then you have to pay attention to it. Strong username along with a strong password helps you to protect your site in an effective way.

Always try to use more than one character. It must not be in a specific rhythm or in similarity or in pattern. Select your password in a unique way. If you feel tense while selecting a strong password then you can use a password generator tool for this purpose. For a strong stable password you have to change it after a definite interval of time. This pro tip will help you to protect your site from hackers.

2. WordPress Login Customization

WordPress login customization is another way to secure your website. We know that WordPress website comes with by default login URL address. This URL address is changeable so for the security purpose you can change your URL into a strong website address so it can’t be hacked easily.

Every website from WordPress can be easily accessible by using the default login URL address so if you are not using a secured URL then it will give easy access to hackers. Customization of login addresses will surely help you to secure your website completely. Along with these you can also use security plugins to ensure your security.

3. Update Plugins and Themes

Always update plugins and themes in your WordPress. Whenever you install any themes or plugins without proper update it’s harmful for your site so try to update it on a regular basis to avoid malware’s. Updated versions of installed plugins and themes are extra secure and protected.

Regular updates might be impossible for some busy people for this reason there is another good way. Automatic updates also help us in protecting our site. There are some coding programmes available. By its implementation you can easily enhance your WordPress security.

4. Choose a Good Hosting Provider

It’s most important to get a good hosting provider for your WordPress site. Good hosting provider means one which must have high security settings. You are implementing so many security features but your hosting is cheap then this makes your all wastage in the sense of money and effort.

Cheap hosting providers never help in security boosting of websites. Always try your best to get the best hosting provider for your website.

5. Use WordPress security plugins

You can use WordPress security plugins to secure your website. There are several featured security plugins which help you to secure your unsafe site. These plugins are easy to use and add-on.

For security purposes in WordPress there are so many plugins and have a lot of specifications. These specifications are sometimes helpful for login security, sometimes fir bots and spam blocking. Hence using WordPress security plugins are convenient and effective also.

6. Implementing Two Factor Authentication

This is one of the most safe security systems. It helps us to prevent websites from brute force attacks which is the extreme level of hacking process. It prevents almost all kinds of hacking.

In this method there are two factors: one is your security password and another is security code. Everytime for login there are requirements of both password and code this code is sent to you on your mobile device. In this way your website will be secured at an ultimate level.

7. Site Upgrading to HTTPS

It’s necessary to upgrade your WordPress site on HTTPS because it is the safest way to avoid or to prevent your website from hackers.

HTTPS is nothing but the connecting module of your connection between server and your browser. It keeps your website login, logout in an encrypted manner. So there is no issue of being hacked by hackers. Nowadays WordPress made it compulsory to have a website on HTTPS due to security issues so now you don’t need to upgrade it because it comes ready on HTTPS.

8. Deleting Unused Themes, Plugins

Delete all your themes and plugins from your WordPress which are unused for a long time. These residuals can affect your security so refresh it.

If you are not deleting these things then it will affect both your security as well as the speed of your website and this leads to low traffic. It has been found that these plugins and themes give loopholes to the hackers as these are weaknesses of websites. So beware and delete those components from your WordPress.

9. Update, Backing up Your Website

Update your site regularly to avoid misbehavior of your site. Along with regular updates you must need backup for your website. You could not afford to spoil your all efforts on a website due to some security issue so be alert and take a backup.

In WordPress for backup there are some plugins like vaultpress, Backwpup, Backup word press. Updating helps to improve your site along with some better security shields.


Hopefully these tips will help you in building your better website protection. With application of these tips you can surely secure your website from various technological malware’s. Safety and security must be your first priority when you are putting lot of efforts for something so try it and make it.

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