The Best Things & Plugins You Should Know About Donation for WooCommerce


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The Best Things & Plugins You Should Know About Donation for WooCommerce

The Best Things You Should Know About Donation for WooCommerce Plugin

The Internet has changed the world, and it is widely used for the ease of human beings and support for people. Many bloggers and website owners collect donations to support charities, and you must’ve seen the donation option on most of the websites as it’s a form to collect payment to support charities; in this post, we’re going to take you through the whole process of donation on WooCommerce and how it works.

Word press is a well-known website development platform which offers different types of extensions to create anything you want out of your website. You can start an online store, take donations, sell courses and many more using WordPress. If you’re looking forward to beginning a donation for your WooCommerce, then this can help you to know which plugins are best for your assistance.

What is a Donation for WooCommerce Plugin?

You must’ve seen many bloggers and website owners collecting funds for good causes and supporting charities. WooCommerce donation is a fantastic extension of WooCommerce, which allows you to accept donations for people or funds for your website. The donation for WooCommerce comes with incredible features like the goal’s progress and round-up donations. The donation plugins have unique features and functions, which makes it easy for users to donate.

This helps website owners to collect funds to provide value or support charity. The extension has some default features which can be easily customised and offers good support for your WooCommerce website. Talking about some parts, you can restrict the donation amount, automate the right amount to pay and provide the user to add amount options in the form.

Features You Get for Donation of WooCommerce Plugin

Using the WooCommerce donation plugin, you can accept multiple donations for your websites. Running donation campaigns can get a lot easier using WooCommerce. You can get additional support, and the customised option for payments is offered to users. You can easily send donation details to your users. The WooCommerce platform allows users to pay a recurring amount for the campaigns.

The easy access and display of the donation campaign and its type are represented, and you can create different campaigns for donation on the website. An individual can make donations for numerous campaigns. Additionally, many additional features are supported to contribute to offerings, so let’s look at the best plugins for WooCommerce donations.

1. GiveWP Donation plugin

The first and one of the best donation payment plugins for your WordPress is GiveWP which can help you with donations and fundraising for multiple campaigns. With the help of the templates, you can easily create multi-layered forms. The best part about GiveWp is you can generate donation goals and customise and limit the amount for donations.

The donor management options are also provided, taking about its key features you get form templates, easy theme setup, versatile payment options and detailed reporting. Multiple payment gateways allow your users to make payments to their preferences. It’s pretty easy to access and view your donations.

2. Donation for WooCommerce

One of the most preferred and best plugins you can use is Donation for WooCommerce, a versatile and features-driven plugin. The interface includes donation as a product, as you can put the donation in your cart and review it through the checkout process. You get the option to modify your campaigns, and users don’t need to pay a predefined amount, and you can easily display suggested donations or a short code for your users to pay down.

With some fantastic features like rounding up the cart, you can pay for different campaigns. If you’re running an e-commerce website, then the additional charges paid by the user will be collected as a donation as this allows the user to donate the extra money for a good cause.

3. WooCommerce Donation Plug-in

One of the best plugins for group donation is the WooCommerce Donation plug-in offered by Albdesign. The best part about using this plug-in is the donations for different campaigns will be represented in the product form in your product catalogue. A user can easily consider putting it into their cart and pay the predefined value. It can be anything you want to set as it’ll be your call.

You can also add the donations section to your checkout page, which your user will consider paying to, as this feature helps you to collect more money for a cause. Running multiple donations can be tricky, but using this plug-in, you’ll quickly understand which donation campaigns are performing well.

4. YITH Donation for WooCommerce

Last but not least, YITH Donation for WooCommerce can be used for web content as well. You don’t need to set up a store to collect donations, as this plug-in can help you order charitable gifts. The plug-in allows you to attach a form to your website widget.

You only have to make sure the donation value, and there’s no confirmed amount for donations; users can donate the amount they want. You must ensure the maximum and minimum amount to contribute, as this plug-in will also send an email to the donor after a donation.

Try these options as well:

  • Crowdfunding for WooCommerce
  • Name your price
  • PayPal donations
  • Charitable donations
  • Seamless donations

Why Should You Start the WooCommerce Donation?

Even if you’re making a decent amount through your website, you should consider donating to a good cause. The best part about these websites is the traffic it generates. If you have a website with good traffic, then you should associate with NGOs and start fundraising for them. Along with this, if you’re creating value for your users and not getting paid through your website, then you should charge something from your users in terms of donation.


Donations can be made easily using these plug-ins, and if you’re a website owner, we hope this was helpful for you; you can try these WooCommerce plug-ins for donation. If you find this helpful, then make sure you share it.

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