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WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

WordPress com to WordPress org

It is an interface or platform where one can create their own website without learning from any web designing course.

Whenever we talk about website building, the most popular and the best way for beginners to create a website is a WordPress platform. Now the question arises when you search on google “WordPress”. It shows two websites on rank 1 and ranks 2. One is WordPress.com and the other is WordPress.org. Which one we should prefer to go with. In this article, we talk about every aspect in detail of wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org COMPARISON

Most people are often confused between WordPresss.com and WordPress.org. These are two different platforms, you can find the difference easily if you look at these platforms individually.


Let’s talk about WordPress.org it is commonly known as “the real WordPress” it is one of the creators of the popular website. The reason it is very well known is because of the features that it offers such as it is 100% free for all the users. It gives you full control over the website you create


WordPresss.com is for hosting your own website is also free for the users but it is a limited provider. For better usage of this software, one has to pay on different levels such as Premium $96 per year, Business $300 per year, Ecommerce $540 per year, and VIP $5000 per year.

Benefits of WordPress.com & WordPress.org

WordPress.org Benefits

The first and the most essential part about this software is that it is free and gives you full control over the website you create and you can do whatever you feel like. You have the luxury to customize it in your own way. You can earn money by creating your own ads.

As it is a self-hosted service you can run your business such as a thrift store or an online store and sell, products clothes, or accessories you can put the payment method through accepting credit cards or any online transactions.

WordPress.com Benefits

It can be used for personal blogging and it offers a free (limited) 3GB space. There is an issue regarding new updates or backups.

Pros and Cons of WordPress.com & WordPress.org

PROS of WordPress.org

  • You own the websites as well as the data. You don’t have to worry about the terms and conditions policy. You have full control over your creation.
  • You can choose any theme or design be it premium or any other and you can also modify them.

CONS of WordPress.org

  • You have to take care of backups and have to deal with the updates and you will be needing space which is going to cost you.

PROS of WordPress.com

  • It is mainly good for people who like writing blogs as a hobby.
  • There is no problem with updates and backups in this software.

CONS of WordPress.com

  • You will not make any money from ads that will be displayed as it is free.
  • You might need to pay for more space which can be costly.
  • You cannot get a custom theme.

WordPress.com & WordPress.org which is better?

If you are thinking of writing blogs temporary and not care about money then WordPress.com is perfect for you. But if you looking for business purposes thenWordPress.org is the right one for you. It offers many features that you will be needing for earning money.

WordPress.org is overall the best platform providing many vast features both paid and unpaid that helps in professional blogging.

Which is Cheaper WordPress.com & WordPress.org?

This is a tricky question because even one is cheaper relatively than the other but the other offers you more features. So, it depends on the person’s motive for using these platforms

WordPress.com is providing a free plan but it restricts many options from you. It gives you very limited choices of themes.

Moneywise WordPress.com is cheaper but WordPress.org lets you get a custom domain and security and many more features.

How to decide between WordPress.com & WordPress.org?

If you wish to run your own business and you want a website for that then without a doubt WordPress.org is made for you. This is your platform for working but if you are just a regular blogger and you don’t need many features for your work then WordPress.com is the correct option for you.
They both have their own way of performing and you can choose accordingly.

With the amazing features, WordPress.org offers it will only benefit you if you wish to earn money. If not then there is no need to pay for software you can stick to free account facilities.

WordPress.com is totally free you don’t need to purchase a domain and hosting whereas WordPress.org is totally dependent upon your action, which means you should buy a domain name and hosting. Whenever you spend money on anything it gives you results first, so you should go with WordPress.org.

No, they are not the same, WordPress.com have some limitation in their own hosting plans. You cannot use free plugins, only premium plugins with a high price. WordPress.org provides you free plugins as well as premium.

WordPress.com is more secure than WordPress.org because WordPress.com have there owned ecosystem that consists of hosting and domain, so it is very difficult to breach out the WorPress.com security. In WordPress.org you have to choose the right plan and security plan to secure your blog through WordPress.org.

Yes, you can easily transfer your WordPress.com to WordPress.org. This is the question that is more often asked by the beginners, where they start with WordPress.com and soon there realize the limitation of WordPress.com and trying to transfer their blog to self-hosted WordPress.com.

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